09 August 2012

Bubbling With Software

 This is what consultant company usually do
Normally people say that doing internship in consultant company
kinda easy and didnt have lots of works
Hell noh..na'ah!!
Maybe you did not ch0ose the right company lah dude..aiyaaaa~
that's why you said so
Sometimes, in some situation you must face it first before judge it
Use your brain first before split it out fr0m your mouth..shame on you~
No matter how damn dumbness or damn genius you are..ok!
GOD already gave you a brain, so consider to use it well
It is not a DRAIN...hahahh!~


Those above are just comercial break oh0kayyyyy
So, do not make any controvercy or what so ever of what i've sp0ken
hihihiii... *buat muke x bersalah :))))*
I will say what i wanna say and whenever i wanna say if i feel that i need to say..cause i just say it right
yah it's sound cliche~
Lets forget about what people say. Sometime we can only listen of what people say
...............but not aLL ;)
Nowadays i kinda busy with my works and the preparation of Eid Mubarak
Only 10 days to go...yeahhh RAYA RAYA RAYAAAAAAA!!!!!! *excited*
bigggg grinnnnnnn :D

Back to internship
Quite a while i didnt update ab0ut hows my internship going on
It went very very well like before
My works keeps on gaining....I like it a lot cause i dont want to feel jobless and bored
Cause i'm hungry to learn about consultancy
HAHAHA! *loud laugh*... 
I did many kind of project..Owhhhhhh is that Awes0meeee mey! XD
It's true.. I do learn a lot of consultant thingy
I felt aggrieved with 'some people' who easily said that consultant c0mpany didnt have many job
Poor you dude..hahhaha! You should think before you say next time
Get it..yeah! nice there ;P

Now, i would like to show you what i did the past few weeks
Check it out!
Playing with AutoCAD 2012/2010 
Playing with ESTEEM 8.0
Playing with MIDUSS 98
Playing with KY PIPE 2000 VERSION 2.0
All about designing, calculating, planning, solving and most important is LEARNING =)

Dont judge a project by the quantity of project because a project may need full of strength and determination to make it d0ne
It's not about how fast you can do but how fast you can make it done and be s0lved
This is what i've realized


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