17 August 2012

Raya Eve

This is a quick update before Eid Mubarak.. Right n0w i'm kinda busy preparing for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Oh oh! Today i didnt go to work.. It is awesome. I've got free leave because my b0ss forced me to take a leave. 

Thursday, August 16th 2012

(Kak Ah Loon memanggil saya masuk ke bilik boss Mr. Tay Wee Lee)
Boss: Eh hajar, u x amek cuti ke sok?
Me: Nope..i nk keje
Boss: Eh its ok its ok...u can have ur raya's h0liday
Me: :) Xpe xpe i nk keje sok
Boss: U tau x, u as a trainee b0ley cuti la..different with other staffs
Me: Yah i know i know...but i nk keje sok..its ok *sambil senyum2*
Boss:  Xpe xpe xpe...u b0ley pegi rehat and pegi enjoy ur raya...no need to come tom0rrow..kesian u
Me: haa? 
Boss: Yah dont worry...i bagi u cuti...msti busy because nk raya
Me: *again* haa? (nothin to say)
Me: *just smiling* emm...ok ok
Boss: Ok, go n get ur application leave f0rm from Kak Ros..let me sign it
Me: *sigh* ok ok... 

Forsure i wanna go to work today eventh0ugh Raya is just around the c0rner.. Why? Because next week the office will be off for one week because of Hari Raya. Hmm.. After that, I will only have 4 days to be a trainee and learn to be an engineer. So i thought, it doesnt matter la...only 1 day la. Then can enj0y the Raya a week.. Anyway, thank you Boss :) *grinnn* TPTJP idopppp!! 


lets light up the radiance of Raya Eve..
RAyA RAYA RaYaaaa.....!!!

p/s: i've got new Raya haircut...*wink wink eyes*

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