13 November 2012

Help Me?

So much thing happen nowadays. Its like that I don't have enough time to update my blog.. Something that we don’t even think to happen might be happen. Whether we like it or not.  Not all people can understand us. Yah! But I don’t need people to understand me at all. Cause I know, no one can understand me very well except myself. Eventough people cannot understand me, but please mind your words and take a good care of it. It doesn’t matter who or where we at. Although how much we love someone, sometimes we cannot own them. 

But at least please appreciate the past you have done together. People just know how to say n know how to do.. but in heart we really don’t know what they really say. Sometime we, ourself know that whether it is true or not or sincere or whatever....

You don't have to hurt someone if you are the one who is hurting right now. I didn’t ask you to be hurtfull and so ever. I never ask. But I really appreciate and thankful for what you have done when we are together. So much joy and happiness I get from you. I will treasure all our memories. You will never believe that I can live without you soon...hmm maybe~ and the best thing is I never cry for you again. You will never listen it too. I have had already said that one day when the times come I will never cry for you if u’re gone and away from me. Yah! It's true. I never cry. I'm not crying right now. Because if u really take care of my heart u will never do this to me. People can easily get hurt with small things.You should think first before you act.

Truly, I really don’t know what i'm doing right now. It's complicated. Very complicated.. but.i try to understand and think what im doing right now. I dun know whether is it the right thing or what else. Whether I accept what I already did or not..

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