30 March 2013

Its Able To Touch

Finally, i already used my rebat baucher to buy this handphone
It is Samsung!!
Touch screen oh0kayyy... Im not a touch-screen-ph0ne person
All these days and for the whole life i've been using a keypad handph0ne that is more easy than touch screen..
I guess ;) It is more touchable than touch screen.. :P I can feel it
you know what i mean
But now, suddenly i got one!
Seriously awkward.. hahaa.. still in the learning process (kuno n jakun tol budak nie) @.@

This is the rebat baucher that i've used to buy that touch screen phone
Thanks to the rebat.. I couldnt think any phone other than this
Cause the other phones are kinda not my taste or worth at all
So i rather choose this one eventhough im not into touch-screen-thingy

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