30 July 2013

Countdown Is Almost Done

Before that, this short message has been updated via my mobile.
It is simple and short yet noticeable..i guess. HAHAA
One more day left for the intake result of Postgraduate Student. Kinda nervous but excited.
Yeayyyy! At last, i can be a Master Research student.
Dip.Eng(civil), B.Eng(Hons)civil, M.Eng(civil)

24 July 2013

Life Is Revolving

Like we used to know, God will give a beautiful rainbow after having heavy rain pour.
Human...we always forget to be thankful to God or to people that bring us colours.
Cause we never feel enough for what we've had.
I am just a complicated girl and a teenager who still need some knowledge to lead my life for the better future.
I surrounded myself with cool and loving people for years.
People who willing to teach me and show me the true definition of life.
I want to live.
I want to play.
I want to be happy.
I want to know everything.
The most precious thing is I want to get what i want.
But life's involving everything right
The decision that we want to make will involve others too
Thought that the day will be shinning till evening, apparently rain out in the afternoon
That is how we have to deal with life cause anything can happen
One day, i'm not even sure what happened
But everything just changed
Didn't mean to be sad
Didn't mean to cry
Didn't mean to hurt or to be hurt
To find the reason sometimes will also needs time
Time to learn to accept and understand
Sorry may be the hardest word
Sorry can make things right
Sorry cannot be everything
Cause we know everybody ain't perfect
Me, make a lot of mistakes but deeply really appreciate those people
Who still staying with me after knowing how i really am
Sometimes mistakes never change feeling cause the mind that gets angry 
You can see in my smile
I can see in your eyes
To give importance to people who thinks that you're always free but the reality is.....to make people understand that myself available for person everytime...
If everyone is happy with me than surely i've made many compromises in my life
If i'm happy with everyone surely i've ignored many faults of others
Perseverence is everything
Not strength anymore
So, if things are going good just enjoy it because in life anything can happen at anytime
You are here for a reason
Be there here, now, anytime n always


19 July 2013

Being Someone First Love Is Great

A girl is the happiest when she knows that you make her your everything. 
In front of everyone, every time. ;)
Sweet, Happy, World lah!



Yes, we are!

13 July 2013

Stuck At Home In Holidays

Its true that if too long to be kept in a house can turn to dumb. Like i feel it right now. Need something to boost out my mind. Feel like kinda bored. Right now, i'm stucks at holidays mode. Usually, during this moment, forsure i enjoying my holidays vacation with my beloved family. I missed out my vacation again. Last semester holidays i'm busy with my final year project and need to sacrifice my holidays. It was hard ok. Now, it is different. Why? Only me on the mood of holidays but the rest of my family are busy with their work. Cause it is not school holidays ok! Ergghhh!~ So, i 'm stucks at home and trying to figure out what to do.

How to keep busy when i'm stucks at home? Cause i used to make my life busy. But when it turn to dull moment, i will easily get bored and feel dumb. Huh.. I need something to fresh me up. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee...
If only i have something to play with..hmmmm??? *think think* I prefer maybe a pet, i guess. Actually couple years ago i do have pets with me. Hamsters. A few years and long time ago. Few cats. But they're all gone. Some died some missing and some gave to people. 

This holiday, i stucks at my lovely home and at least i did something better than nothing. If you stuck at home, like me, don't sit around and do nothing. It gets really boring u know. Hmm, well..if you keep on doing the same thing sure you get bored right. So do i. If there is nothing to do go online and find things. Yes i did that. And i succeed to buy some stuff using online shopping website. Or make up a game. Yes i did that too. Besides that, i clean up my house also my family would really appreciate it and happy when they back home. It makes me feel better and i don't wanna sit in a messy house. Yucckkks! It will makes me dizzy and crazy. You do not have to ask me to go watch TV because i used to do it ok. Bluargghhhh~~ Every channel and every movie i watched. Maybe pretend that i am a chef (homemade food heaven, and eating nice food), dancer (dancing with sister with Gentleman song and Barabara Berebere song: based on youtube choreographer) or singer (singsong lots of song and karaoke in my chamber). Yes i did it! Done it ohokayyy.... Meet some friends and you shouldn't mention that cause everybody knows and absolutely sure that i did it. Well hello, who wouldn't want to hang out with buddies, like hell yaaa~! Play musical instruments such as guitar or organ. Yes, did it again guys. Ouhhhh..

Read book? Owhhhh please. Not again. I'm trying to escape from books after completed my bachelor degree. For awhile, please. Although, i don't get any relaxing and fun vacation like before, but actually i found some useful and kinda new thing for me. It is a virtual vacation. You can see many wonderful places just in front of you ok. Like a real adventure. Of course it is not real, just virtual only. Haiyaaa! But at least you learn something. Go to the website of Virtual Vacation and see it yourself.

The most important thing when you don't know what to do is do not let bad thoughts get to you. It will destruct yourself from being free like a bird when holidays. I should do activities with family, friends or even pets. But, I DONT HAVE PET!! Arggghhhh! This is such a maniac. Those activities that i've already listed out are the stuffs that i usually do. I want pet. I want. I want. I want. *begging you*

This post will ends, now.

10 July 2013

The Holy Month

We meet again
Like every year Mosleam will be celebrating the fasting month of Ramadhan
Today is the 1st day of Ramadhan
Happy fasting to all mosleam around the world
Here are some tips that i wanna share.....
Make Ramadhan healthy, spiritual and productive
NOT an eating contest, oh0kayyy~

Ramadhan Kareem 

02 July 2013

I Want Bobie Back. You're Killer!






01 July 2013

Homemade Food Heaven

Probably the best thing to do during h0lidays
Of course..Yeah!
Enjoy everybodyyyyy ;)

Supermax vege meatloaf

Chessy pizza sausage mixed veges with meat and oregano

The Malaysian Berries - planted in front of my house

 BP Homechill n Grill with lovely family

 Jus blend berries with grapes and lemon..wants moreee!!



urgghhhh! what a life

A Wake Up Call

Happy July everybody. It is 1st of July 2013. Half year of 2013 had gone peacefully. Hope that everybody is in the pink of health. We need a healthy lifestyle for a healthy life. I've bet everybody enjoyed their wonderful life, right. It's been a week i am having my special holidays. For your information, actually i already finished my bachelor degree of civil engineering, majoring geotechnical engineering with honors. Six years i need to chase my dream to be an engineer. Finally, i've made it. It's feels wonderful and delightful to know that. It is my ambition since i'm a little kid. Thanks GOD for your help and i am thankful that i have a very supportive people around me. Really proud of myself because i am strong enough to face and take any challenges along the journey.

Still can't believe it that i've done degree. So many ups and downs to get what i want. I simply don't wanna regret for what i've done. Besides studying degree, i also saw many kinds of people and know each type of them well. Sort of. For a few years before i finished my degree, actually i've learned alot. More than the past couple year before. I think i've changed a little. Hmm.. I don't know. But i just know. I feel it. Why? Maybe these few years i rather choose to do my stuffs alone than mix with my friends. I know maybe some of them noticed that too. Well, it doesn't mean that i don't need them, but i prefer to settle all my stuffs first and not mix them up with my friends or him. So, in that way i think i am more to myself more.. (ok..awkward, but hope you understand)

Something may seems not right somewhere. Some people may not understand what i do did or done. Some people misunderstood or never get it. Well, we can't pleased everybody in life, don't we. I know, if we do something, we need to do it the right way and systematically. Yes. I always think to plan all my stuffs before launch it. Why? Because i wanna try to please everybody. But, sometimes what we've planned we can't make it. Because....if the head says no means no. Ok fine. Stop trying to please everyone! Because that's what everyone else is doing. Yes, you will feel happy and enjoy at first but as soon as it's over your feeling is over it too because you can't feel it yourself. Just be yourself and let things happen if it supposed to happen. That's life.

Life should be an adventure, a journey, a leap into the unknown, a chance to grow, an opportunity to do something that makes a difference after you’ve gone. What went wrong? How can you escape from the awfull life you’ve fallen into, and start living a life that really means something to you? Many of us find that other people’s expectations can begin to rule our lives. Some of us are also people-pleasers. Maybe since children, we liked to be praise from parents and teachers, and we continue seeking this as adults.

This kind of life-living may involved some problems. Yo cant' please everyone and will never be. Because everyone is not you but maybe you can be everyone. Besides that, their expectation may be based on a narrow point of view and inaccurate view of you. People just make a quick judgement on you. Snap! just like that. Your parents might think you’re crazy. Your friends might laugh at you. Your brother might call you this and that. Don’t ignore their advice...but don’t be afraid of what they think. Besides we can't please everyone we also can't shut their mouth too.

Furthermore, rejection from others will not ruin your live. It hurts and not fun somehow but it's not ruin your life. Cause you're the one that choose your own path. In life, we need more experiences to live long in future. 

Ok ohOokayyyy.. It's been a longgggg time i didn't express this kind of post. Well, sometimes we need some mood or feel to update a blog. It's just like a motivation to write more and more ok. Hahah.. Well, a motivation to persue my study on Master Degree soon. Yah, coming soon. Master Degree (research) entitle Study On Stress-Strain Strength Behavior Of Peat. I got sponsored by the grant ok. Awesome. Thank you Doctor Adnan Zainorabidin. You teach me a lot and make me more independent and convinced me of becoming a wonderful engineer. I really love to learn more on the field that i choose. Thanks for the golden opportunity.

Alright, for now, i've been busy surfing the online shopping's website. It's my new current obsession i guess. Emm not an obsession but close to new hobby i guess..hahah! (awkward awkward). Those are some list of shopping website that i used to view ;) The list will keep on growing i guess :D I already bought a stuff from one of the website. Hahah! 1st time to buy some stuffs using online shopping cart..weehaaaa!


Crocodile Faux Leather Hand Bag from avenue86

Ok, bye for now.. Make your life happy.


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