02 November 2013

How You Guys Doinggg..Good??

Happy november to everyone. We are in the new month and 2013 is just going to end soon. Time's fly fast, rite. Like a blink an eye. I miss old days. It is true because, i finally realized that wow i didn't update any post in my blog quite along time. Is it? Hold on. Hold on. Don't think that i already forgot about my blog. Nope. Sometimes i always check out and peek-a-boo here. But didn't have time to type on it. No mood. But not lazy.. only think and do the important thing that i have to do, that is my research study. My Master of Research in Civil Engineering stuffs. That's all matter. I've already stated before that i do busy during month of october. I do update some of my daylife stuffs on facebook, instagram and twitter. A lot of things going on last month. I would like to thanks to all who had been involved on those things last month. It doesn't matter if there are no shortage or excess occured last month. I don't like to think much and just forget it. Life is such a waste if we keep on thinking the past. Do you agree? Ok. Nevermind..  I would like to share the happines of being me. Thanks to people who came to my big day-my convocation day-my bachelor (hons) of civil engineering day and to those who wishing me and also thanks for the lovely gifts.. Those gifts means so much to me. I will never let you down. All of you. So, that is why i keep on busying my life to complete my master of research seriously. Eventhough sometimes i do play play a bit...but still focus on my research ok. I've already done half of my proposal for asessement 1 next year on January 6th - 17th..if im not mistaken. Done chapter 1,2 and 3. Besides that, i also got my own working station or i usually called it as research cube cell at Research Centre of Soft Soil (RECESS). Hahaa.. only for research student ok. *special gitu* This is because the working station is kinda seperating by some-space-compartment-wall-act-like-cube shape-thingy. Please do understand and try  imagine. LOLLL! :D But rarely i go to RECESS. I prefer to do my research at library cause i can search lots of journals and books if i want too. Master research is different with coursework. Why? Don't need to go to class and i really like that cause all time is mine.. But when doing research we must have strong spirit and can't easily give up or else u will never understand of what you're doing. No lecturers or lecture notes to guide me. I need to figure out by my own. That is why it is named as research. Eventhough i do have a supervisor. Yup, at first, while im doing and researching my project im kinda felt like "urghhhh! Why i choosed this path, why why..Nak keje lah cmniiii" Seriously. Now i understand how the success people get up from this situation. But i believe that every winner begin with failures. Its ok to feel bad at first. Because the bad one can give life lesson. It is just like a turning point or help from god i guess, when, while im researching journals of my project i suddenly felt like i want to know it and into it. So, here comes the spirit of completing the chapter 1,2,3 of my asessement 1. Now, i feel release and still reading some journals based on my research. Alhamdulillah...... :)

Now, i'm at my home sweet home for a break. Till tuesday only.. got some family matter to settle first. Wedding and kenduri matters. Owhh! Almost forgot. HAPPY DIWALI to all hindus..Deepavali vaaltukel! 1 Malaysia!..

Ok done. That's it for today. The other story for later ok..

See you around.

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