13 November 2014

Poem For The Past 5 Month (Part 6)

Month: June 2014

Here we go again.. Conference c0nference..ready for conference for this year 2014!!!
Lets start from the first one till last
Sabah Conference (INCIEC)
Bandung Conference (SSEGI)
UTHM Conference (IIES)
UTeM Postgraduate Education Conference (ICPE)
Dubai Conference (ICGCE)
Electronic Journal (EJGE)
Maybe the list is keep on growing..and me..keep on writing till my brain bunk and burst! I guess..
Let me do the Sabah first...the result data is ready but i still busy editing the paper
The rest conference paper are still under prepared..no worries...i always on time :)))
The title for all papers are ready
Ohokayy...forget about the conferences yo!
Testings..testingsss....direct shear...direct simple shear....my job is almost done
Never give up
Pahang is the next location for my peat sampling...3 days leave needed!
To Pahang here we go...we went there by doc's car..cool!~~ 
Such an awesome moment eventhough lots of sweat running outhere and there
Booked 2 homestay and there were really comfortable and niceee! with air-conditioned...
It's not easy to take undisturbed sample of peat..but one day these will be the sweetest moment ever..noted that..
Student moment will always be the best and greatest moment in life..believe it or not. Soooo true~
During the day we did our work but at night we sure gonna enjoyed at Pahang
The seafood was really really damn nice..never forget..why? 
Cause now my stomach is still crumbling for it..sslllurrpppp~~
3 days there were such a nice moment..Done
Get back to the real research life then..Prepared the progress report from January till May 2014..urrgghhh~
Continued for direct shear and direct simple shear
Meeting never missed 
Helped my supervisor to run consolidation test for Pahang's peat...hmm...basically he asked for my help..*ohokay chilll...*
Briefing about direct shear box to FYP student..kinda bored did the same thing
Then...joined a seminar for Centre of Excellence UTHM...
RECESS Centre is under the CoE or known as Centre of Excellence
There are EMC, AMMC, RECESS, MiNT-SRC.. we are gathered there to share about our research project
One representative for each CoE
Research Centre for Applied Electromagnetic (EMC)
Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Centre (AMMC)
Research Centre for Soft Soils (RECESS)
Micorelectronics and Nanotechnology-Shamsudin Research Centre (MiNT-SRC) 
Although i'm kinda busy with my research but i never forget or mix works with my personal life
Actually, i'm really good at organizing my works..please say YES! 

07 November 2014

Poem For The Past 5 Month (Part 5)

Month: May 2015

The moment we've been waiting for
OPKIM Ceremony!! Finally.......
Splendid moment
Great moment
Our charity construction project finally done although everybody was busy with their own research
Parit Nipah, Batu Pahat is a place where we picked to launch our research station on peat 
The large peat area is such a great place to do our research on peat and Parit Nipah is the best place to build a peat station
The charity program has been inaugurated by Batu Pahat DUN
Got sponsor for them rm20k...yeahhh!!
Everybody was tired but felt relief because the project done successfully
There's no need to rest after the program because i need to continue doing my testings
Rushed from the program to RECESS lab and started my tests...bluargghhhh~~
Direct simple shear
Direct shear box
Please be nice to me.... :)
Another program is waiting and need to carry on
GeoFest 2014 meeting
Bandung Conference meeting
Prepared conference paper
Read journals
Timber Talk
Life always busy like bee...but more busy than a bee
Never get rest

Poem For The Past 5 Month (Part 4)

Month: April 2014

Meeting was part of my life for this month
Almost every week got meeting
A charity project has been done and i'm involved on it
OPKIM was the named...It was held at Parit Nipah, Batu Pahat
There were 3 types of construction that our RECESS team handled...greatt!!!
From day and night we've work very hard on it!
Work on it!
And never forget about the research proposal presentation on 16th of April
The presentation went smooth and cool
Good Job!!! although there were some things that i need to make it better and clear
I'm successfully presented my research..panels comments were useful...Noted!
BUT..before that, it seems like "today" is my first time to have a look at PHD presentation
Such a nice opportunity and i'm really impressed...thanks to my supervisor who invited me
Besides, briefing for FYP student is a must
Direct shear box (the famous machine)
Me...people keep on seeking for me and asking me
Research testings are still going on
Direct simple shear
Direct shear box
Hemic peat
Those are my closest friends
My partners
My life
My everything...
Never give up..keep on trying
Happyy.... :D

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