17 September 2016

When The King Met The Queen

How do you feel when you know someone love you so much?
What will you do for that person if you knew he love you with all his heart?
Can you do the same thing?
Is it worth to be love by someone?
How to know if a person truely love you?
The most important thing is, is it last forever?

Hello peeps! It's weekend! Yeahhh..Okay, maybe i'm a bit lovey dovey today. Yes i'm in a some-kind-of love mood right now. No offense, please. I'm in a great mood today. You must be happy because i'm in a positive mood. Just think positive and have fun~

My goal for today is to always think positive for the whole day. Think positive in whatever you do. Yah, i will always try to think positive eventhough in a quite tough situation. I try to think positive so that i don't feel dizzy. I tend to get headache if i think too much. Do you know how i feel i headache attacks me? Terrible. I can't even stop the dizziness. It feels like something trying to get out of my head but can't and still searching the way out. Yah, that is how i feel. So, how to solve it?

- open your eyes big without blinking
- stare at something and focus
- focus on one thing only
- stare that thing for 1 minute and nothing else
- stop thinking 
- try to clear your mind
- breath peacefully (inhale and exhale)
- smile and focus (keep smiling)
- throw away all the negative thoughts
- bend your head left and right
- breath again and smile
- masage and wipe your head
- smell some peppermint oil

That is it! Just live your life and be happy. Yeah, i am very happy today because i met him after so long. After completed my work, i managed to met him for awhile. It's okay. I am thankful to time because we can met even just a little while. I'm grateful enough :) I really miss to hang out with him. We used to spend time together everyday but not anymore because everyone has their own responsibilities in life. Yes i'm trying to take it in a positive way although i'm a bit sad. Arrgghhh...

Don't worry. I'm not a kid who crying to get things that she want. Maybe sometimes i may act like a kiddo that trying to get what she want..HAHAA! But we were really have fun together. YAyy!! It was a wonderful day for me. I'm very excited to spend time with you some other time soon.

Will make a poem..soonnnn....

Ohokayyy...i think all the questions in the introduction just now have been answered! If you guys still not satisfied with the answers, i will answer them properly on the next post. Right now, just think of the answers that i already gave to you. I did summarize the answers of the questions in the intro above.

Have a loveable day everyday!


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