11 June 2009

Can or Cannot???

Can't sleep. My flowery red clock showed its b0ut 1.45a.m.. Hmm dunt know why~ Maybe sumthin bothering me. But what is it??? ArGggHhhh! I'll try to relax my mind [reading st0ry book;listenin to music;wr0te sumthin in this bl0g;think interesting things n duin sum weird stuffz]
So many questions bothering me right now. Questions that needsum c0nversation or pe0ple to solve them or me,al0ne hve to take it or............ Orait then. Still i hve to throw it out of my mind or else i can't sleep. Only this blog...a place where i can say wut i wanna say n you can't stop me. Cuz i'll say it LOUD!!!

1. Can i forget a person that i love juz a blink away?
2. Can i try to love sum0ne else eventhough we know that only he still in our heart?

3. Is it ok if i wait for sum0ne that don't care b0ut me?
4. Is it ok to hope that one day he will done all his promises to me?
5. Can i put a revenge to him that hurt me?
6. Can i take a gud care f0r sumthin that i alwayz cared enough?
7. Is it necessary to defend sumthin that i hve been build?
8. Is it ok to act n0thin eventhough i know that i've been played?
9. How c0me he can change?
10. How c0me he can be so mean?
11. He forgot wh0 alwayz beside him?
12. He forgot who alwayz take a gud care for him?
13. Is he remember the teardrops for him?
14. Is he remember a person that alwayz give in to him?
15. Only 1 answer for each question
16. Only 1 reason for each answer
17. Only 1 answer 1 reason to ensure these
18. But i can't find the fullst0p for these.....


p/s: face up to problem n see what happens?? coOl or......


  1. aduh...., sebaik nya kamu tifur dulu..., kalau bisa..., relax saja deh...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. oh..esmer@lda..
    i cant sleep last nyte
    i was thinking bout sum of above toO
    hope u get ur answers for those qs ;


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