25 June 2009


Today I’m damn tired.
After wake up early m0rning my life juz like usual
Do this d0ne that n bla..bla..bla….
But, during aftern0on I must prepared all my stuffz to bring to my rented h0use
Semester break will be over s00n n juz ar0und the corner
I must get ready n clean that h0use before I stay there
Huh! Quite lots of things to bring along
Lucky, I’d packed all my stuffz 1st
I juz carried n put them in b0nnet car
Then, after reached that h0use 1st thing to do is took out all things in that r0om
Dust n dirt everywhere…DIRT-TRACK! DIRT –TRACK!!! EeeUuuWww~~
Sweep the fl0or
Arranged everything to look neat n tidy
N at last everthing’s done!!
Ouchh…hurt my wrist my back legs hands n bla…bla..bla….huhuhu~
So hardly tired
What I w0rried now is my h0usemate
H0w r they?
What types r they?
Co0L sp0rting give n take or…….??
I hope that all will be gud n I can acc0modate myself very well
Next m0nth will be a new w0rld for me!
Is everthing will g0nna be ok??
Juz be patient n pray……
Try to be patient eventhough the pe0ple is not what u think they r
Aja Aja Fighting!!!!

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