30 September 2009

Anything can happen

aiyOo..!!~ today so many things happened. The story begin when i juz woke up about 9.25 a.m. Actually, i'd set my alarm around 8.50 a.m. But suddenly i realised that i'm late. Huh! Hmm...why people easily forget what we have done give in helping listening n done gud things to them. I can feel them... but can they do the same thing? For sure the answer NO!! People juz say oh!...thank god u're here, whOa..thanks a lOt! i appreciate it...n bla..bla..bla... But do they meant it?? I don't nOe the answer. But i'm hoping for the best thing to happen. Wanna let it out, to say that i like to help people, sumtimes i dunt care if the people that i gonna help try to take advantage of my kindhearted attitude...hmm let it be~

BUT!!!!...do nOt make an exploitation from my gratitude. U can get hurt soOn... Juz wanna remind bebeh!

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