04 September 2009

Tale & Time

Sometimes you need time to learn. You need time to make mistakes. You need time to learn from mistake. You need time to rebound back. You need time to grow"

Juz nice!

Everythin needs time.

Time is everything. Everythin is abOut time.

Time is preciOus. Time is gOld. Time is jOurney.

Time is destinatiOn... Time is abOut giving hOpe.

Dun waste ur time with n0thin matter. But alwayz take ur time 4 sumthin dat u really really want to.

Time keeps away the distance between me n the people that i love n care enOugh.

Time can be in past, present, n future.. take ur past time as mem0rable time. Take ur present time as a thing dat u must face n take ur future time fOr ur jOuney n destination of life.

Time can change us..

Time can change everythin

Human chase time but time nOt chase human.. Time will alwayz be there n alwayz keep on mOving.

Time cannOt change bUt changes needs time.

Time can lead us!

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