18 November 2009

MissiOn AccOmpLish~

YESSS!!! Bubbye 5th semester...2009/2010.. nO more 5th semester anymOre! Yeayy!!! FinaL exam is over...Over...OVERRR~~ ;)) hUhh..at lasT bebeh.. So many things happened during this semester. All th0se things will gonna be sweet memOries although there're bads.. hahahah!

N nOw is a hOLiday time!!! wOww!!!! Semester break is cOming. Very excited.. 1 mOnth to enj0y peOple..wehOoo~ Juz enjOy ur great great time hOLiday with ur own plan.

WiLL gonna miss my frenz a l0t during this h0liday... the 2010/2011 will be the last semester f0r us spending t0gether.. Such a sh0rt time n blink bLink away we will be separated by our own path n future destinati0n.

ALrite. Let me see..this semester is very different fr0m the past past semester bef0re. We like very cL0se together. Mybe pe0ple change, peOple be mOre mature n try to kn0w each other weLL. We spend time t0gether in cLass or out cLass. We're helping, st0ry teLLing, laughing, chaTTing, bubbLing, making n0ise, scream n shOut out, d0 this d0ne dat, haVing fun like sister n brOther...all t0gether!!! We're all in this t0gether once we kn0w that we are we're aLL stars n we see it!!! :D wOww..f0r sure i'll gonna miss it so0n...

Dear frenz, thanks f0r being my gud frenz. U r the best guyz!!! i'm sure treasure u in my life.. Although it's hard to meet u guyz when we're nOt here anym0re but we must stay int0uch babeS!... Bcoz we're on our own separate way to struggLe for our future undertaking..but..it's oK. As we knOw, fren last f0rever!! rite?? yup2!..

I onLy h0pe that u guyz never change. Yeah of cuz changes is exciting but sumtimes changes is scarying..huhh~ u can be different..BUT..different in a go0d way..

Okie dOkie! this is the st0ry f0r the 2009/2010 civiL engineering students. U guyz raWks!!! I'M LOVIN IT

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