19 January 2010

Overcome The Dilemma

Quite a l0ng time away from any sh0utout p0st. A l0t of things to catch up n d0ne.. B.U.S.Y...is the best wOrd to describe! huhuu~ Everything have to be d0ne as so0n as p0ssible. A.S.A.P..O.M.G..B.T.W..T.I.E...! ;P Anyb0dy understand what's the key w0rd that i've been used??? haha.. Raise y0ur hand up high please.....high..high..n..highhhh...as high as you can der! High just like the blue sky. High just like the shining star at night. Aiyaa~ I can't see r..wo0t wo0tt!! [hmm..what's happening n0w? Seems like white paper with n0 w0rd no colour no..nOthing on it....arggHhhh!!!] Ok...I'M IN A DILEMMA.... The situation in which a chOice must be made between unwelc0me alternatives. Hey pe0ple, i wanna ask u s0mething. What will u d0 if u have a delimma that involve u between ur future n what u needed? Or actually what u want ler...s0?? what's the first m0ve?

Well, i'm in a delimma ab0ut choosing to further my study in the right place. There are many disadvantages and advantages i had listed n thought n0wadays...Alright. For now, i studying in UTHM. This place means so much to me. I had expl0red many new things in my life since studying here. Although, sometimes the experience is soOOoooo mean but i'll make it so0oo meaningful. For me, UTHM is the best university i had studied. UTHM= cooL.. ;) UTHM is maj0r in engineering courses. Such as civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Ohh ya! Last but n0t least, the new one, aeronautic enigineering!! Yupz...only in Batu Pahat. But it is not in the main campus. Quite far from the main.. Pe0ple from peninsular malaysia c0me to UTHM to study here. Some of the student also from foreign country too. Gather f0r a kn0wledge! N to be a successful engineer.

This is the last year n last semester i study in UTHM... I must furhter my degree after graduate my diplOma. Stay in UTHM or go to another institutiOn??? ArggHHhh...This issue makes me super dizzy, super crazy, super c0nfuse n turn me green...HULK..hahaha! See...very true that this thing making me mad. =) superbbb!!! I just fill up my registration f0rm. But only half way. Still never decide yet any university in that super creepy fOrm. Still thinking f0r the best ch0ice i must chOose for the sake of my future life.. Further degree in UTHM can make ur time sh0rt. Drop any subject that we had to0k during diplOma. But, for other instituti0n is a lil bit hard to do so..n it takes quite l0ng time to finish our degree. Too many ch0ices distract me. I can't think pr0perly right nOw.

To be what u wanna be only in your hand.. So...only me can make my own decisiOn. Not others n0t my family nOt my friends. MEEEEE!!!!!! [my stomach crumble while typing the "meeeee" w0rd..thinking of mee h0on tom yam..wOww!..huh..slllluuurrrpppp..~] ahaha..lil bit cOmercial break..again mad!..h0hooo~ Ok2..seriOus gurL!! Hey, just ch0ose la...no need to think anymOre..haiyaa..very easy what. Yah yah...too easy n too difficult. Civil engineering is crazy ler. But I DON'T CARE!! The chances i'm taking sumtimes might knOck me d0wn..bUT...i wiLL not breaking..

"Just bang what u see if that is what u want" -jaja-

UTM!!!! UTHM!!!! UPM!!!! bla..bla..bla...huh~~ %^$#@&**&@$$^*&#@#% blurrrr~.....

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