05 January 2010

How To Be A Smart Person

Life can be difficult. In life we can try anything that we lOve...We are free to try..People are alwayz l0oking f0r an influence, sumOne to look up to, and sumOne to emulate. Juz be the persOn that people want to be like. You can help change the wOrld by changing yOurself. But, change in a gud way~ A smart pers0n is not an intelligent in academic or others. Smart pers0n can handle a situation very well and able to describe anything n0 matter what. They think p0sitive n negative way toO...

We d0 not describe a persOn from the outside of him/her but BOTH-INSIDE-OUTSIDE.

We do nOt describe a person thrOugh their l0oks but PERSONALITY.

We do nOt describe a person by the way they cheer up pe0ple but the way they TALK that makes we cheered.

We d0 not describe a persOn with juz hear what we heard but the EXPERIENCES with them.

We do nOt describe a pers0n with one eye but thrOugh the HEART.

So, think smart and act smart pe0ple!! When we l0oks smart, pe0ple will think us smart toO...Juz be smart in a goOd way yall.. Alright, HOW TO BE A SMART PERSON???

1. decide what it is that u cOnsider 'a gud pers0n' to be

2. make changes slOwly

3. remember the life goals n change, n whO u are can change as weLL

4. make friends

5. read. Pe0ple admire smart peeps n well-educated

6. help others

7. stay active

8. a happy lifestyle

9. love what u dO, dO what u love

10. pick up ur dreams. The wildest dream that head held high

11. dOn't forces others into things u dO

12. decide what it is making u feel u're a bad persOn

13. find ouT who u're reaLLy are

14. be smart, think smart, act smart [fOrsure!]

Hmm...gud tips i bet. Smart thinking on the spOt..hahahahh ;)) Everybody has their own opiniOn.. And this is mine. This is what i am thinking. This is what i thOught. Too many pe0ple i meet everyday. There are bad n goOd one...it's ok. They make colOurs in this kinda worLd. Don't easily feel sad or depress if sumOne doesn't notice yOu or wanna run away frOm yoUr life. Cuz THIS IS LIFE!!!!

Till then~

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