04 January 2010

Malaysia Truly Asia

Need to write in this blog... Juz came back frOm Perak for a holiday n of cuz sending my sister to her cOllege in UITM Seri Iskandar.. Feel exhausted n tireD sumhOw but stiLL enj0y n have soOooo much FUN there!!! Didn't want to go hOme BP..hahahaH~ ;P Many interesting things n places i went in Perak. Woww!! really reaLLy no wOrd to describe. But, what i can say is FUN FUNNY FUNTIME all the way...heheee~

Actually we went there fOr three days. It tooks 6 hours to reach there.. We stayed in my cOusin's hOuse.. They're coOL.. After reached there, we went to anOther coUsin's house to take my sister bel0ngings. She need to bring out all her stuffz fr0m d0rm.. UITM makes pe0ple miserable during the semester hOlidays..haish!!!~ Fuhh! l0ts of things babes. H0w c0me my sis can carry that all heavy stuffz..Aiyaa~ AD c0urse is such a complicated althOugh it is easy.. AD stands f0r Art & Design lerr~.. ;P

For AD students, their c0urse is quite interesting n fUn... This cOurse is full of colours n inspiratiOtions. They must think creative n big ideas of cuz! I very like this part. To see my sis's drawings n what s0 ever laahh.. W0ww!! Very very impress ho0.. Such a go0d artist.. Very artistic der. Most impOrtant AD course need drawing skiLLs babes..hahah! It's suits with my sis. Actually my family have the bl0Od of art.. We all can draw or sketch things..s0 no w0rries at aLL...s0 so laa..hehehh. But, d0nt w0rry fOr who d0esn't kn0w how to draw but admire this AD cOurse. You can still learn it in the campus.

"When U Like what u like, u wiLL enjOy dOin what u like" - jaja-

kekekee...kinda messy english duh! This quote is br0ugth to u by jaja's inspiratiOn..hehehh~ Well, it's true what. Like what u d0 did or dOne n it's easy to enj0y.

Ok then, that's all abOut AD course...to0 much talking n bubbling ar0und n oUt off topic..haha. Ok2. Actually, next day we went f0r shOpping time laa of cuz. Best!!! Went to Ipoh Mall n then JuscO.. Shopping at Body Glove Boutique, Padini, Converse, Al-Ikhsan [very big woO], Reject Shop [quite lil bit c0oL laa there], DONA, s0me shOp that i f0rgot the names..hOw come r, then stop at MPH [want the japanese dictiOnary book derr]. Ooo ya guyz! I really want to have a very coOl guitar so i juz stOp by at the guitar shOp..Fuhh! All types of guitar i saw man. One m0re thing, i already have an electric guitar at hOme but it's bass n the string is brOken.

I must get my new own guitar nO matter what. Sumtimes, during my leisure time i like to spend my time with music..I LOVE MUSIC SOOOO DAMN MUCH!!! haha..No music nO life k0t..Like pe0ple said. Not me..... I have a bass guitar that is brOken and an organ [siblings with pianO but n0t pianO..haha] I like to play when i'm bOred or no mOod at aLL.. Organ is where i love to create my own 'not'. Wanna knOw sumthin? You kn0w what, actually when i listen a song i can play it at organ. Only listen to the song. Songs that i had played>>winter sonata, authmn in my heart, my all, happy birthday, pulangkan[give back], mungkin nanti[later maybe], n many m0re to list dOwn..huh! My aunt said..."if u want a guitar, u must get dean list first" waaa!! This is the challenge. I MUST GET THE DEAN LIST..haha! alright2.

Hehe...Out off topic again. Be co0L people. I luv to talk much..sumtimes...in a goOd way la of cuz!So after shopping, we went fOr a drink. Teatime laa. :)) Then, there was a small stall in this mall. Waffle stall. Yeahh! Favourite of mine. Waffle with peanut butter on it..! I'm crazy bOut it!!! Yummy yummyyyyyyyyy..I"M LOVIN IT~~ Time is very jel0Us with us. Went back with fun, enj0y, happy, glitter smile, but alsO tired.

So many mOment during holidays in Perak. The precious moment n soOn i will go there again. For another places n another extravaganza..Hah! Now, I need GUITAR!!!!! I need the DEAN LIST f0r this sem. Yeahh!!! GANBATTE KUDASAI...

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