30 January 2010

Nothing To Display

Urgghhh...i'm b0red! Dun nOe what t0 do..I'm kinda bLurr right nOw.
Hmmm...the weird situatiOn>> i heard a smaLL v0ice inside my head..
Small voice inside ur head d0esnt cheat u!
Listen to ur head vOice..hahaha...*mcm blaja v0kaL plak*
N0w, i see trees of green n red rOses too.
What's happening tO me???
Lately, i'm kinda lil bit tingtOng durr. Just prePpy n lame..huh!
It is aahhaa mmHhmm ooohoOkayy la.......~~
Tonight, the m0On is soOoo bright n big..WoW!!!
So r0mantic scenery.
Romantic date under the shining m0onlight...wee~
ooopppsyyy doOppssyy....
over the fence ler jaja!
ok2...nOw fOcus!!! STUDY...STUDY...S.T.U.D.Y
next week u have a test
Law subject is sOOOOooooo bOooorrringggggggg!~~

p/s: wanna create the bOm..ngeeee

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