29 January 2010

The Plastic One

Plastic can be recycle. Many uses of plastic. Some plastics have many kind of col0urs, patterns, and shapes. Plastic can put our things tidy. The aspect of plastic is very useful, helpful n multifuncti0nal to0.... So, it shows the go0d of plastic, rite? What ab0ut the bad of plastic?? Well, n0t all the go0d things can be very g0od all time. Not all the useful things will be too useful f0r us. Cuz whats the go0d comes the bad. Just see to the plastic. We only see n kn0w that plastic l0oks nice, very useful, makes our life easy, happy n bla..bla.bla...~ Happy?? Cann0t beee...hahaha. But, plastic is just like the silent kiLLer. Huh! Or backstaber! Huhh!... The fact is, plastic is n0t good f0r health. It also takes ab0ut thousand of years to bi0digreate *rite or wr0ng spelling?..ciss wh0 cares!!* Although it still can biodigreate but it takes a l0ng peri0d to do so.

I am a complicated 20-year-old gurL who d0esnt kn0w the definitiOn of life..~ But, too many realities, experiences, challanges, paths, peeps, and kn0wledges have lead my way. The leader in my life is my heart. Follow your heart in a g0od way... A lot of pe0ple out there think that he/she be their ownself but actually a lot of pe0ple had involved in their life. I can’t stand with pe0ple who such a plastic.. Can’t!! OK! Hey, actually i have always this kinda character. Hmm..n0t to say that i’m kind or whateva..but i just d0n’t kn0w to react back..~ F0r this thingy, i’ll take it m0re seri0us. Yaa..we’re n0t perfect. But, at list....aarrhhh fine! Plastic is n0t needed at aLL... Paper bag als0 have been there for me. Haha..*weirdness* ;P

Paper bag is such an original n very naturalism. Yup! It l0oks like kinda awful or ugly or n0 style n what s0 ever... D0n’t judge a bo0k by its c0ver!! That’s why this quote appear. Do you know the best thing of paper bag?? It don’t effect our ecosystem. Although, sumtimes the paper bag do not look go0d at all. THE BAD CAN TURN TO BE BETTER. I believe in that. I believe in giving a sec0nd chance. Nothing to loose! Paper bag t0day can be the marbell0us paper bag ever..hahaha..*again! Do my own w0rd..heh*

Ok..now i would like to tell a lil sumthin that kinda sumthin2..h0ho! actually, i can’t say bad things or say things that i kn0w will hurt them. Especially t0 my friends.. And i really d0n’t kn0w how to react the situatiOn. You see, sh0uld i laugh when i dont really feel to laugh, sh0uld i talk when i dont really feel to taLk, shOuld i ign0re and be m0re patient eventh0ugh it hurt my feelings and they tend t0 do it m0re n m0re n m0re often????? Sumtimes, it feels hurt n just like wanna scream out LOUD!! To sumOne faces! Hahahhh...But, i kn0w, i can’t do it. Why?? It is because of friendship. What?? Just that? BuLLshitt!~

Plastic pe0ple only kn0w h0w to take pe0ple advantages. The best opportunity laa... Only f0r their own needs.. Let it be. I never put a revenge on them. Is there, any pe0ple out there, that kn0w how to take care of others feeling?? Very fed up with this issue. No manners! Thr0w away the plastic bag. I’m n0t really need it. Bl0ody ****** *sigh*row of beads of tears in cheek*

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