14 March 2010

Care to Wait

Well, not so many st0ries to tell, though..
What happened for the past few days before?
Very busy yaW!!
Actually, i finished my tests..2 tests
Landscape Design
Landscape Material n Technology
It was so..s0oo..Ok laa~

With a l0t of assignments and projects around
But at list, i feel relieved to finish my tests..
Now, i must finish up my assignments n pr0jects so that
i can focus on another test..
Landscape Construction

Can't wait for this week
Got a trip to Putrajaya f0r Landscape classes
On the March 18 maybe or March 19...
Yet, there will be BOoks Fair
But on the March 20 there's Hot Air BallOn Fiesta in Putrajaya
If only we could go on that day..Woww!!
Awesome.. XD

Chill chiLL..till then~

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