21 March 2010

My Favorite Surfing Spot

Everybody have their own favorite surfing spot. The favorite surfing spot is where you always do your surfing thing in a place that you feel relax and comfortable. Me, as a student of UTHM needs kinda cool spot to enjoy my surfing. Usually i'll do it during my free period..

Well, for your information, most of my time, i spend it staying in my super duper cool rOOm..So, of course my favorite surfing spot is my room. MY ROOM IS MY WORLD!!~

I am a civil engineering student that most of the time busy with studies, laboratories and all about the civil engineering stuffs. I finished my classes and usually feel tired and need some relaxtion. When i get home, forsure i need a rest. So, i just busying myself with surfing the internet. And of course my room will be my spotlight..yeahh!!

It's your room so make it alive! (emm..i mean alive with good and fun activities) XD

There are a lot of stuffs and information i can get while i'm surfing. Not just only playing games, chatting, facebo0king ang blogging (the things i must do). Nowadays, we can also get some benefit while surfing the internet. Such as earning money while you blogging or just clicking the web page.. Very easy-peasy..(just like project alpha said)

Can you imagine! Just staying in my room and i can get money..

Ohh ya..there's something that very popular among youngster today. Actually, most youngster will have it one. P1 W1MAX. The portable modem that can bring us anywhere or everywhere. And the most important is P1 W1MAX can accompany me in my room...heyyaaa~~

Small but big appliances and affordable. What are you waiting for.. Grab one and make it the best useful portable modem that you can't live without. Makes your life easy..

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS...

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