23 March 2010

No Sweat!

Hey! Anyone here get an over sweating prOblem?? HUh! This is a big problem guys if you have it.. First move action must quickly needed. The weather today will make us become m0re sweat than usual. Especially during hot weather that occured nowadays. Besides that, whatever we d0 we will always get sweat.
Sweating can also make our body smells bad and feel uncomfortable. Some people wanna cover up the bad smell by sparying perfume through their entire body. Actually, they done wrong. The combination with your stinky body and the perfume will make it became more worse than before.

The best way to smell good is using the deodorant. So, back off body odour! However, Adidas is very looking forward to solve this problem. Now, i presenting the new odoriferous deodarant from Adidas Action 3 product..FRESHHH!!
FRESH ACTION 3: >>anti-perspirant
>>active abs0rbent
Very affordable, economical size, easy to bring along, easy to use and it is spary type.. To check out more detail, u can survey at Adidas web page. Maybe i can suggest, 1 person for 1 FRESH!! :) You can use it whenever you want to.. No sweat la dude~
Good smells give a healthy life!
Use it and you will never regret...

p/s: Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

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