17 May 2010

Say It Loud!!

Progress is a nice word.. But change is it's motivator. And change has its enemies.
-Robert Kennedy-
Nice quote rite! I like this quote.. Yeah, change is enemy..sOmetimes~
Change is good
Change is bad
Change is a moving forward
Change is change..
But now, i'm still at my office doing nothing n getting bOred
I need work..Huhh! Please give me some works
I will feel more valuelable if i have a work to do
No excitment t0day!! ArgghhhHhh!!!
I NEED AN EXCITMENT!!!~~ (begging)
Oh ya..! I think last week i had taken my MUET speaking examinati0n
Well, it was okayy~
I think i had fully answered the question well and spoke well t0o..
Not much difficulties during the exam
The issue is quite easy lah..! hahaha..belagak
Only, me, malay student in that group..Woww!!!
The rest are chinese..
But, no worries..I just say what i wanna say with confidence!
Finally, i'm going to off this blog
Maybe not to long..
Ok..See yaaaa!!!!~~

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