07 May 2010


What a busy week..
n0 time to update my bl0g..n my bl0g became webby web as spider web
hahaha.. ;P
Well, as y0u kn0w, n0w, i'm doing my industrial training f0r only 2 m0nth 6 days
This is the 7th day of my practical
At first, i felt awkward and uneasy to fit myself with the company
BUT, i can manage it with goOd condition..
Actually it is quite interesting and fun to be part of the staff in that company...
I had learned so many new things eventhOugh i've been there for juz 7 days
All the staffs are really nice n also the Boss too...hehe
My boss is an easy-going person, strict, n VERY conscientious at w0rk...HUhh~
But, i don't care...It shows our commitment to our work..right?? Yupp!!
Site visit, doing method statements, complete my l0g book and others are things i do during the practical...
So i don't feel bOred!
Its been a long time i didn't sleep late and wake up late..hehee~
Usually i will wake up early morning at 6.30 a.m and sleep ar0und 11.30 p.m
Working is tired but it is fun!
Working can gain some knowledge and information that we can't learn at school or college
Working is an experience
Alright, i have to continue my undone works and finish it up..
Catch ya later..!!

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