16 June 2010


Everything is under controL rite n0w...
i feel more comfortable and having so much fun in my beautiful life
The practical thingy is quite under control toO..so no worries i think
just a few weeks left bef0re i finish up my practicaL
Can't believe it
Times fly very very FASTTTT!!!!
NOw, i'm waiting for the UPU's result..still no clue which university will i further my study
I hope they choose me for the rite pLuss suitable place..Huhh~
Life's going on very weLL..
Just n0w, i went for a site visit
As usual, it was tired..BUT...today is different..haha
Coz, it's raining heavily
Went to work a lil bit late..at 8.30 a.m
The site visit was quite far
Then, take a look and do some survey up and down of the building
Lunch that was lalalala~~
Then lalalalala~~ again...
Went back home
-The End-

10 June 2010

Business and Elegance

It is NOKIA E-series E72
New edition
The price is RM1000++
Good price comes with the good quality
It is METAL GREY...elegance!
I just bought it..abOut 1 month i had used it
It is functiOnal!!
I like the l0oks and it is slim AND modern design..
E72 is a high perfOrmance device tail0r-made for sleamess business and personaL communicatiOn
Hmm..this moment, i feel like i like the classy business styLe
It's look like very exclusive
Most of all, i really like the shape and the functions
Actually, this NOKIA E72 kinda the latest one
Just 3 month in the market
at last i gOt one! haha..
The coolest thing is i'm the technology maniac!!!
SOOooo..I enj0y surfing the internet everywhere..c0z WLAN is available
Enjoy quick access to my email while out or abOut
It has everything
Lots of applications pLus navigatiOns in this mobile phOne
You name it! ;)
I can view internet everywhere
do my YM, Gtalk, Hotmail, Yahoo n bla..bLAaa..bla..
I like the keypad thingyyy styLEeeee..!
Write message efficiently and comfOrtably using the compact QWERTYUIOP keybOard
Easy to type and very quick
Memory = 4GB
Pixel = 5.0MPix with Carl Ziess optics
250MB user disk space
It is the latest enhanced capablities for managing yOur life

03 June 2010

Opposite Thingy

Listen with yOur eyes...
Watch with yOur ears.....
Feel with yOur mind........
Imagine with yOur heart......

02 June 2010

Busy Like Bee

Time is preciOus
Everything we do because of time
Time will determine our journey
Just like couple hours juz n0w..i'm kinda busy with my works
After reached office, i have to prepare myself to get ready to work
Today, quite lots of work have to be done
And i was like insane..! hahaa~
Kind of dying with 'the' work man
1st==>i must complete the monthly progress report
2nd==> filling works experience recOrd's form
3rd==>completing the Health & Safety Workers's repOrt
4th==>went to constructiOn site to see the arrival of interlocking-blOck
5th==>anOther site visit to shOw the locatiOn of Banang River road upgrading 5km long
6th==>continue doing the monthly progress repOrt
Huhh...at last, all the jobs D.O.N.E!!! Yeahhhh...!
Today, i went back home a lil bit late because of the busiement thingy (what kind of wordy mo0dy wOrd is this??..me knOws~~)
TomorrOw gonna be the judgment day..haha..The ISO consultant will come and check the progress repOrt and hope that there will be no mistake at aLL..
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