08 July 2010


Day without sunlight is nOthing
Night withOut star is missing
People without love is wasting
Time without a seconds is sOmething...
Me with0ut bLog is lOosing...loose?? lOose weight?? lalala~
gain weight!! XD
Okayy..straight to the pOint
It is the end of chapter of being a civil engineering diplOma student
Now, waiting fOr the convOcatiOn day..end of OCTOBER! Yeahhh2!!
Well, a lot of sweet, yuCkkss and preciOus mOment i get to be a trainnee
Never fOrget that moment
Actually, i'm a lil bit 'heart heavy' (berat hati)..lalala~ when i walk away frOm CLSB
Yup..of course i can't wait to end this LI but i'll gonna miss what they taught and advised me
Especially to my bOss.. Lots of knOwledges and experiences i got frOm him
And not forgotten to the staffs and my supervisOr
i will use my exprience and knowledge i get for my jOurney soOn..oppss!..frOm now onwards
Being a trainnee there is sOoo great!
Thanks to aLL that had invOlved...
The last advise that my boss said "bile kte dh pndai, jgn lOkek ilmu, bantu org laen plak"
you're rite boss..this is what i do in my life..althOugh sometime peOple take advantage on what i've dOne..hmm~
it doesn't matter...As long as i be sincere to what i've done to them
I'M HAPPY...~ :))))
nO regrets..cuz sometime we must let it be......................

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