27 August 2010

10 Cases

How do you kn0w if your b0dy getting m0re expand than bef0re:
  • Case#1 when u feel that y0ur body just like the baLLOn size.. expand and getting expanding
  • Case#2 y0ur clothes seems like getting smaller but actually y0u are getting bigger
  • Case#3 when u keep on eating and can't stOp...but really wanna do t0 stop
  • Case#4 you tend to feel hungry and want some f0Od
  • Case#5 y0ur tummy kinda buncit than bef0re...haaa
  • Case#6 a lil bit lazy t0 study and dreaming a l0t... XD
  • Case#7 when pe0ple notice that y0u are getting bigger
  • Case#8 Pe0ple start calling you with the-crazy-fat name
  • Case#9 when y0u, y0urself, find out that u must put on DIET immedietly! Excersise!!
  • Case#10 no eating rice and more eat fruits and vegetables



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