13 August 2010

Engine Maths Mighty

It is 12.55 a.m
Just finished my engineering maths study..
what on earth i studied fr0m 9p.m until 12.55a.m...straight!!!
OhOookayyy...engine maths is quite t0ugh but actually very easy
yahh..! i admit that maths engine actually easy t0 understand and their steps are clear
BUT..the pr0blem is, when it c0mes to solve the integratiOn part..lalala~
My head turn eenie meenie miney m0re...~~
Well, as u kn0w, t0morrow..oppsss! i mean...T0day, i will have to sit my first test in degree
Absolutely, i'm gone mad when study this subject
But..but....BUT....i l0ve maths!!! weeee~~ ;)))
Eventh0ugh sometime i'm easily get stuck or give up t0 answer the questi0ns
It is actually fun and we will feel enj0y pLUsss++ if we get the answers right...rite?? :)
SoOooo..i h0pe that i can answer the questi0n very very WELL!!!
I never get the answer right..th0ugh~~
Owhh..not "never" but finally get the answer right...okay u'll n0t understand...hahah!
Cause i feel sleepy and my brain need s0me rest..
Till then!~

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