17 October 2010

Here Again

At last.. I'M FREEEEE
Lets straight to the point!
Very l0oOonnnggggg time i left this webby bL0g alone with0ut nothing
Cause i've been so0o so0ooo busy...
g0t a l0t of stuffs to carry on
Let me list out all of them bebeh!

1. pr0jects (no limit)
2. assignments ( no limit)
3. t0wn and gOwn (2.10.2010)
4. c0nvocati0n program (8.10.2010 - 12.10.2010)
5. Kota Sesat IV (8.10.2010 - 11.10.2010)
6. graduatiOn day (11.10.2010)
7. tests (no limit)
8. phot0sho0ts (10.10.2010 - no limit)
9. cO-co
10. You're Beautiful Programme (16.10.2010)

See..3 weeks stuffs that must be d0ne on time
Jaja is a str0ng gurl!!

I'll post the photos as so0n as p0ssible..

-to be continued-

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