01 October 2010



My life is busy
Busy sometimes can make me happy
Busy sometimes can make me crazy
Busy sometimes can make me feel valuable
Life busy f0r something
Sometimes d0ing something c0uld make anything refreshing
Life busy with pe0ple
People wh0 need me n unneed me
I make myself busy
Maybe just like an alibi
Busy is part and parcel of life
Life busy with studies
Students really busy with assignments, quizes n everything
I'm shaded
I need a sunshine and mo0nlight to gr0w and gl0w my mind up
Give me s0me light and sh0w me the right path
A stranger that asked to return such a l0ng way back
My time wasted to wait s0mething that is n0t imp0rtant at all
Life is busy
Busy with everything
Handle our heart with care
Bring al0ng where so ever y0u go..
It will be sad if what u've waited bef0r is just like waiting rain fall d0wn in dr0ught
Love to make my life busy with happiness
Just do it!
Tell busy to escape
Tell busy to bluff
Tell busy to all answers
Busy is mess
Busy is alert
Buzz buzzz buzzzyyyy.....

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