23 December 2010

When Almost Anything Goes, Almost Anything Can Happen

Outside raining heavily..
It suddenly rain
Rain in the evening
The sky turn grey with wind bl0wing strongly
And the surroundings change just a blink away.....

Yup..everything will change. But it takes time to change. Sometimes changing is terrifying.. Basicly change is nature best friend. Or what i can say is change is a nature. You kn0w what i mean right? Some people trying so hard to change. To be a better person or become successful in their life. Some...the m0re they try the more painful they get. BUT some...change is miracle to them. Well, actually nothing in the world we cannot get. Nothing is impossible. The important key to get what you want is NEVER GIVE UP! Don't give up.. Still u couldn't get what u want so you have to try again again and AGAIN. Keep on trying. But, don't give a pressure to yourself. Life is enjoy. Do everything with joys..
For me, no matter how much i try, nothing happen. Sometime it happen for awhile and i didn't know how to hold it. I don't want to be a quiter.. Cause i know someday there is a miracle in life i can achive.. Well, of course sometime people change right? I changed too. Its cool lah! Make my life fill with more colours and fun.. But don't think that i've change to bad. Actually i can feel bored if do the same things. You too right?? So i need more colours. Anyone wanna paint me?? hahahaa..*silly* LOL. Hmm..but not everybody can accept my changes. :(
Ok2.. Today maybe i loose. But tomorrow i will be a WINNER. Sometimes up and sometimes down...its nature.
"Loose to win can still be a winner. Win to loose is something unpractical" - jaja-
First of all, i must wide open my mind. Knowledges and experiences are the important ingredients in my life. Make my mind free and fresh. Yeahhhh!! i love the word FRESH..hahaa..
F.R.E.S.H..ffffrrrrreeeeessssshhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! *grinnn* :D When i see the sun i feel hot. When i see the cloud i feel free. When i see tree i feel fresh. When i see rain i feel excited. When i see the moOn i feel happy. When i see ME,MYSELF,I i feel great!! I just have to turn the volume up on all of it..
From n0w onwards, i will be what i wanna be. I can do anything on my own.. Yiiiihaaaaa~~ SOooo, hey my lovely friends, you kn0w i love u y'all!!! Friends are everything to me after family. No matter how good or bad you are, you still and always be my friends yo! Nothing will change except YOU make me change. You kn0w what i mean right???!!
*pretty bad smile... :)))*

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