19 January 2011

We R Who We R

The fast and furious time!!! wee..~ Yesterday, i wished f0r the m0on is full and bright. Then, t0day its already happened. My wish c0me true yaw! So happy *eleh kebetulan la budak..*
Okay..its been a very very l0ongggg time not update this bl0ggie. Huh! *pemalas sben0 nyer*
Actually, i'm quite LAZY plus plussss BUSY yaw~ Lots of work and activities. And also dreaming and just playing with my em0tions..hahaa :)) Oh ya! N0wadays im kinda have a big effort to do an exercise. Of course j0gs..hihii. At first, kinda fully exhausted. *mule2 wt2 lembek..mnje la kunun~* After that, no pr0blem at all..*dah gagah* As usual...ALONE....again~ ^^, hmm..alm0st everyday i j0g. Joging ar0und the lake while watching people catch some fish. Many fisherman wannabe in my college. Hahaha..especially during evening. Do you kn0w why i d0 joging?? *ko tnye ade ke owg nk jwb..haish* shhhh!!! pleaseeee keep quite.. Ok2. The reas0n i go j0ging...emmm>>

1) well, my timetable n0t pack at all...n the free time alm0st in the evening. So, why n0t i use that time to do s0me useful things..Right?? yeahhh rite! ;)
2) BORED...yup! when too many free time i can easily get bored. I need something something to light up my life.
3) Release tensi0n..WHAT?? tensi0n? *ahh angau* Actually, the word tensi0n is seems complicated to me. The match word is to relax my mind..
4) Let go everthing...Run! Run..! Run..!!!! Runaway fr0m everything..or maybe runaway to catch something...still dunn0~~ *giler*
5) Trying to be myself...Still learning. *dh start merepek ke peah??? bedal lah....*
6) Relaxing my eyes to see nature and pe0ple...hihii~ Really enj0y seeing many types of peOple in this world.
7) Can see what types of running in j0ging..hahhaa...of course lots of them..the tipt0e one, the big m0ve one, the athlete one, the lazy one AND bla..bla..blaa...sometimes i can feel wierd. XD
8) Joging is the key to maintain my b0dy...slimmer slamma jamma~ hahaa...*nk mkin keding ke aner0ksia? plih2...*
9) Sometimes, when i miss s0meone or sOmething i go j0ging..f0rsure!!
10) To fresh up my brain. So that i can make it m0re working than bef0re. Yah, i kn0w...s0rt of.
11) Need some idea...then go for a JOG. If you're lucky you can expand y0ur idea and make it cool. So jog can build an idea..yeahh rite~~ *te0ri mne plak ko curik nie jaja*
12) When i feel bad..i go j0g..haa! this is very BAD EXAMPLE..just wanna give some advice. Do not go for an exercise while you are not in a good mo0d. This is very bad. Bare in mind peeps! Why? Because, the definiti0n of exercise is to fresh up our body and for health. BUT, i did that..hehe ^^,
13) The envir0nment is way cooL..*perhh..ayt xley blah*
14) Some m0re, alm0st when i go jog i actually meet some friends and get al0ng with them..some of them i rarely meet..but friends la..co0l ha! :))))
15) Tired to stay in my r0om...damn blurrr. Need some m0ve..m0ve..Move..moving foward~
16) The most best part is I-merry-go-r0und ar0und the lake f0r 3 times..wh0aa!! one and a half r0und n0n-stop running..ehh j0gging..haha! *perlu rse bangge ke..?*

See..all th0se answers are quite catchy and cliche...Maybe!! And a lil bit of gedix...*wink2 eyes*
Hey, j0gging is good what. One day i will try to jog on track..yeah! XD
Next..GYM!! hihii....

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