07 February 2011

What Will You Do In The Library??

When pe0ple get b0red they will do whatever they wanna d0..It d0esn't matter the things that they d0 all0wed or not allowed.. Because if we really want to d0 we sure g0nna do..RIGHT??? Yup, i agree 101%...Huhh! Guess what..Now im at the library..LIBRARYYYYY guys. But what i've d0ne?? Of c0urse updating this bl0ggie..

Actually, i came here to study Geology but it seems like the aim had g0ne far..far far awayyyy~~ XD

JAJAJAJAJAJA...stay out of your blog. Focus on y0ur study..h0w come u can be excellent if y0u wasting y0ur time with b0thering y0ur study but busy updating y0ur COOL blog...is it so COOL?? hehehe...

Y0u kn0w what, actually i love enj0ying study in the library. I think it is the best spot for student to do revision and prepare themselve to knowledge. Really cool you kn0w..:)))) Well, the hot spot that i use to hang out is the open library. Why? Because it is easy for me to get the revision bo0ks if i want. The shelves is just nearby. But this open library kinda disturbing..because i can see pe0ple go in and out and pass by in fr0nt and at my back..PLUS i also c0uld hear some students talking, mumbling and chatting with each other. So, its kinda hard f0r me to focus.

Ohhh!!! this is my 1st time studying in the Iqra' Room. Yap..and it is my 1st time update my bl0ggie in here! w0ww! break it d0wn..bring it on..break the record!!~Let me tell s0mething ab0ut this Iqra' Room. First and f0remost, this ro0m is small. Just one pers0n only can enter this ro0m. It has a comfortable chair..uuuuu very comfort chair yaw! A big table. A big screen computer..it's HP! hihii... The room also has a pendafl0ur lamp. An air-cond..just f0r me..no share with others...HAHAA..a door with a glass that can see thr0ugh...Well, actually there are many Iqra' Rooms in this library. But not many students like to use it...HAih! rugi r...pe r...y0u can d0 anything u want in here with no one else see..DAMN FREEE~~

This room is for student who would like to study alone...cool ha! i already snapped some picture while studying in this ro0m..heheheheee..

i'm b0red!!! urrrggghhhhh...*pity me*

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