07 December 2012

The Short Getaway

This is just a short h0liday during weekend. We didnt plan to go to Legoland.. But actually we already bought the ticket earlier, and dont have any suitable date to go... cause i'm just too busy with my studies. I did it! i did to escape from my w0rks and my final year project although those stuffs not quite in oder.. But who cares??? :P Who wouldnt want to go for a h0liday mannnn.... -.-"

Legoland first in Asia is at Malaysia. Awesome hah! Sorry for the late update. For your information, i'm too busy with my life, my studies and some personal matters..hmm s0rt of! Oh0kayyyy then. Anyway, we started our j0urney on Saturday morning. The early morning ok. Around 7.30am cause need to take some breakfast first to build up energy for later...and of course during that journey i do spend my time with sleeping.. The Legoland located in Nusajaya. Not far from Johor Bahru.. The new highway was quite b0red and no signboard at all..huh! quite confused and need to be alert all the time. We passed the Hello Kitty Land junction. It is near with Legoland. Maybe some other time we can have a visit there..

Almost 9.30am we arrived at Legoland. the parking not yet full. Got l0tsssss and lotssss of parking spaces. Well, it's around 1 1/2 hour + to reach there. We played all those park and enjoyed all..lots of pictures have been taken. :)

The short h0liday is always awesome. Lets do short holiday again. Will definitely do this again, when i have chance to go for a short trip.

Jom baby ;) *teeeetttttt!!*


30 November 2012


Just a quick and sh0rt update 
from a busy final year 
civil engineer student 
with t0nnes of w0rks n projects


The best relationship
is when
you can act like lovers
best friends
at the same time


15 November 2012

This Is What We Called Complicated

We will be very lucky and the most happiest person 
in the whole universe
If we get married with the one that we really love
The true love
A lover
it is not easy to find the real lover
it is not easy to find a person that really fits our heart
we didnt get everything in this world
Because, sometimes we already get our true love but need to sacrifice
The most painfull thing to do in this world is 
Is there anything else than sacrifice?
When is the pain will be gone?
It will not gone
We must be strong enough
Stay strong forever

13 November 2012

Help Me?

So much thing happen nowadays. Its like that I don't have enough time to update my blog.. Something that we don’t even think to happen might be happen. Whether we like it or not.  Not all people can understand us. Yah! But I don’t need people to understand me at all. Cause I know, no one can understand me very well except myself. Eventough people cannot understand me, but please mind your words and take a good care of it. It doesn’t matter who or where we at. Although how much we love someone, sometimes we cannot own them. 

But at least please appreciate the past you have done together. People just know how to say n know how to do.. but in heart we really don’t know what they really say. Sometime we, ourself know that whether it is true or not or sincere or whatever....

You don't have to hurt someone if you are the one who is hurting right now. People can easily get hurt with small things.You should think first before you act.

Truly, I really don’t know what i'm doing right now. It's complicated. Very complicated.. but.i try to understand and think what im doing right now. I dont know whether is it the right thing or what else. Whether I accept what I already did or not..

29 October 2012

Special AidilAdha










12 October 2012

Buzz Buzz Busy

Hey peeps out there! The only reason i can think of right now for not updating my blog is becauseeee, i've been damn busy... Busy with my Final Year Project, Integrated Design Project, and Assignments. For FYP, its require me to read and find several of journals for references. * seyez macam nk termuntah!*

Plus, i've got 1 week to prepare for my 1st test..Steel & Timber Design, Economy, Geoenvironmental, OSHA and Mandarin Language. 

22/10/12 - Steel & Timber
23/10/12 - Mandarin Language
24/10/12 - Geoenvirnmental
               - Economy

p/s: OSHA - when??...not confirm yet o.O

I think this final year will give me some cool experience. It doesnt matter if it is nice experience or bad experience.. Sometimes, i feel like i need an assistant to do all my works. Really need that person oh0kayyy...hahahh! kidding~ :(  No matter how many times i shout..cannot get. So right now, i think i am a bit lazy and not really focus on what i'm actually doing and need to do. Why??? Hmm..still in dream i guess -.-" WAKE UPPPPP!!!!!! huhhh!! 

Nevermind....maybe i have to do someting more interesting first. But for how many times lerr?? Ohokayy..nevermind  nevermind........blast off!

Oh ya, i also will join the UTHM Town & Gown for UTHM Convocation 12 Carnival. It will be held on 20/10/12 at Dataran Penggaram, Batu Pahat, Johor. I love photo, lets do photo! :D Going to start my LimiPhotography again..*excited woi!* hahah..eventhough the next week after will be my War Week (test woi test...jgn main) Mai ramai-ramai.. XD

There are a lot of things going on lately. I am busy like bee.. I know i must organize my time well. Don't be stress. Manage all things nicely and comfortably. :) Oh, ok bye!!!


15 September 2012

4th Year Student

Welc0me to 4th Year of Civil Engineer student. Huhh! It's been a week and no time to rest eventhough the timetable of this semester is not so pack at all. This year g0nna be the final year for me. I am going to face the incredible pr0ject of all. The Final Year Project or PSM (Projek Sarjana Muda). Actually i'm not prepare yet the project that i wanna do. But, i do have some list to be discuss with my supervisor, Dr. Adnan. Lil bit nervous because it will be my own pr0ject yaw! hahaa... Dont know what's going to happen next. Im majoring in Geotechnic. So supp0sed that my final year project will be related to geotechnic. So0n...soon....next week i must try to set a meeting with my supervisor. It is a MUST!!

The 1st week of class is usually chaos. Of course the timetable pr0blem will be an issue, especially the timetable arrangement. It’s happening to me. My majoring subject, Geotechnic, clashed with the Steel & Timber subject. I need to choose another section so that I can attend to Steel & Timber class with no problem. And forsure, the pr0blem solved. Lucky me! Thanks GOD. For this semester i need to take 7 subjects:

Actually, for the Mandarin Language, it is not a compulsory cause i've already to0k foreign language during my diplomme that is Japanese Language Level 1 and Level 2. But, i want to learn Mandarin too. Many times i've tried to go to Mandarin class but it usually end bad cause the subject will clash with other subjects. SO, for this final year, i actually get it. I've succeed to go to Mandarin class. I didnt know all students in the class. I am the only 4th year student who take this class. I don't care even i have to wake up early in the m0rning and go to Mandarin class alone with no friends.. Sometimes, it is very easy to be alone without involvement of others. I learned couples Mandarin language and it is awesome :)))))

A lot of things going on, on this week. IDP also has begun. We already got a project. IDP stands for integrated design project. An engineer student must take this subject because it teaches us how to be an engineer when we finish our study and to handle a project soon. It starts from zero until the project is done. It is just like our own project and we must solve it ownself. Yoyy! starts from zero guys!! Urrghhhhhh...WTHeck..
1) build a company
2) company name,logo,profile
3) state the project
4) drawing plan
5) design the project
6) until the project done
This is a practice to the future engineer wanna be.. Good Luck!
Next, i must get ready for my PSM. Huhhh...see you supervisor. Be kind oh0kayyyy ;)


see you when i see u

catch up my next update soon..right now wanna enjoy and make a mind-peace before mind-war :P


Will go to this place this November before school's holidays
i dont like cr0wded surroundings
Malaysia awesome.. :D

04 September 2012

The Real One


Hope or Despair

Hope... Everybody has hope. People always hoping for the best to happen. They willing to do anything to get what they're hoping for. Sometimes they willing to sacrifice even they have to face it alone. It is not wrong to hope for something. Sometimes even it is just a small hope, people will keep moving on. This is because there is a small voice inside yourself say that so0ner or later you will get what u hope. With that we can make sure that sooner or later we will grab it. A hope can turn into motivation. Yah, it's true, if we really really hoping for something to happen but it turn into a disaster, it might break our heart into pieces. But, you shouldn't feel like that. Like i said, a hope can turn into motivation. Motivation can turn into action. If you have the action you can do what you really want and  to help you succeed in what you're hoping for. 

Hope is the emotional state which promote to be a positive situation, i guess. Hope is better than despair. This is my opinion..mine! With hope, some people can continue their life with no despair. With hope, a sick people will pray to get better. With hope, a poor mother will never give up to send her children to school to be a successful person one day.

 This article shows an accident had happened on September 1st  2012 at 11.30am
It happened at Kuantan-Segamat road. Two girls involved...died on the scene
One of the victim is my cousin. Her friend drove her Viva car to go to Pekan, Pahang to fetch her friend there. But they didnt make it to Pekan. 
My cousin's friend who drove her car lost control and went to the opposite lane and hit a Toyota Avanza. Then, the Viva rebound and goes into 7m ravine. Just lo0k at the car..damn terrible
She is teribbly injured...i couldn't say it in here. No wonder she couldnt make it..
My cousin and her friend were studied at UTHM, Master of Mechanical Engineering (Research) and worked at UTHM Research Center
She is the only HOPE for her family
Forsure, now, everythings will be changed. I still couldn't accept and believe she's g0ne..She is so0oo young
RIP Sharifah Nur Hidayah bt. Salleh (Alfatihah..)

But? how if hope is just a hope. A dream hope. A hope that cant do anything. Everything is lost. Eventhough you didnt get what you are hoping for, you must not feel despair or stop from doing anything. Sometimes it is better to be like that. God will arrange something good and better than that for you. You should never give up. If hope is a wrong deed, than how come we have the H.O.P.E???

H = hell
O = obvious
P = positive
E = emotion
 - by: Miss J-

03 September 2012

The End of Relationship With Internship

Internship full report is d0ne
superbbbb awes0me guys
almost 4 days i am truly truly struggled to finish my report for 217 pages

Now, its me, myself and i time
Fully enjoy and relax bef0re continue my studies on September 10th 2012
Its my final year of bachelor degree
pretty nice ha...


01 September 2012

August 30th 2012 - Engineer Trainee Over

Internship is over
nice n awes0me experiences there

 Mr. Tay
 p/s: this is not my scandal oh0kayyy...watchout pe0ple out there wh0 easily said that 
 he's daddy tay :P
eh eh tgk lah bilik IR engineer nie, bersihkan...komputer pon xde
why? because he prefer to do manual (a calculat0r only yo!) than computer
he said "doing work by using a computer is just like a robot
n there's no feeling of being an engineer"

 Mrs. Tay
p/s: i called her Mrs..but she prefer to call me her anak angkat..hehehe! :P

This is half part of  the consultant c0mpany
confrence ro0m with curtain cl0sed
a ro0m with blue s0fa is the big b0ss ro0m
the table of 2 clerks
hehehe...oppss!! yg lain x sempat nk snap

What a wonderful time i have had for being an engineer trainee in this company
I learned 10 types of software
- ESTEEM 8.0
- KY PIPE 2000 VERSION 2.0, Uni. Kentucky USA
- AUTOCAD 2010
- AUTOCAD 2012
All staffs are very nice to me
Thanks friends..will meet u so0n..hihii~

 Aussie gifts from b0ss

 Friends :)

 Friends :)

Friends :)

So, right now, lets enjoy completing the final report of industrial trianning
Submission on Monday
greattt~~ huhhh~~

19 August 2012

Eid Ul Fitri

Marhaban ya Syawal
We meet again :)

Salam Aidilfitri to all Moslem around the world
May you enj0y this Syawal with go0d deeds

Drive safely for those who g0ing back to their hometown

Lets c0llect duet raya yaw!!!

new style of Malaysia's m0ney

17 August 2012

Raya Eve

This is a quick update before Eid Mubarak.. Right n0w i'm kinda busy preparing for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Oh oh! Today i didnt go to work.. It is awesome. I've got free leave because my b0ss forced me to take a leave. 

Thursday, August 16th 2012

(Kak Ah Loon memanggil saya masuk ke bilik boss Mr. Tay Wee Lee)
Boss: Eh hajar, u x amek cuti ke sok?
Me: Nope..i nk keje
Boss: Eh its ok its ok...u can have ur raya's h0liday
Me: :) Xpe xpe i nk keje sok
Boss: U tau x, u as a trainee b0ley cuti la..different with other staffs
Me: Yah i know i know...but i nk keje sok..its ok *sambil senyum2*
Boss:  Xpe xpe xpe...u b0ley pegi rehat and pegi enjoy ur raya...no need to come tom0rrow..kesian u
Me: haa? 
Boss: Yah dont worry...i bagi u cuti...msti busy because nk raya
Me: *again* haa? (nothin to say)
Me: *just smiling* emm...ok ok
Boss: Ok, go n get ur application leave f0rm from Kak Ros..let me sign it
Me: *sigh* ok ok... 

Forsure i wanna go to work today eventh0ugh Raya is just around the c0rner.. Why? Because next week the office will be off for one week because of Hari Raya. Hmm.. After that, I will only have 4 days to be a trainee and learn to be an engineer. So i thought, it doesnt matter la...only 1 day la. Then can enj0y the Raya a week.. Anyway, thank you Boss :) *grinnn* TPTJP idopppp!! 


lets light up the radiance of Raya Eve..
RAyA RAYA RaYaaaa.....!!!

p/s: i've got new Raya haircut...*wink wink eyes*

11 August 2012

Iklan Raya 2012 bernas

1st time watch it
Wanna share this video also
is it sad?
is it really make us cry?
Why this Astro's commercial touched people's heart?

09 August 2012

Bubbling With Software

 This is what consultant company usually do
Normally people say that doing internship in consultant company
kinda easy and didnt have lots of works
Hell noh..na'ah!!
Maybe you did not ch0ose the right company lah dude..aiyaaaa~
that's why you said so
Sometimes, in some situation you must face it first before judge it
Use your brain first before split it out fr0m your mouth..shame on you~
No matter how damn dumbness or damn genius you are..ok!
GOD already gave you a brain, so consider to use it well
It is not a DRAIN...hahahh!~


Those above are just comercial break oh0kayyyyy
So, do not make any controvercy or what so ever of what i've sp0ken
hihihiii... *buat muke x bersalah :))))*
I will say what i wanna say and whenever i wanna say if i feel that i need to say..cause i just say it right
yah it's sound cliche~
Lets forget about what people say. Sometime we can only listen of what people say
...............but not aLL ;)
Nowadays i kinda busy with my works and the preparation of Eid Mubarak
Only 10 days to go...yeahhh RAYA RAYA RAYAAAAAAA!!!!!! *excited*
bigggg grinnnnnnn :D

Back to internship
Quite a while i didnt update ab0ut hows my internship going on
It went very very well like before
My works keeps on gaining....I like it a lot cause i dont want to feel jobless and bored
Cause i'm hungry to learn about consultancy
HAHAHA! *loud laugh*... 
I did many kind of project..Owhhhhhh is that Awes0meeee mey! XD
It's true.. I do learn a lot of consultant thingy
I felt aggrieved with 'some people' who easily said that consultant c0mpany didnt have many job
Poor you dude..hahhaha! You should think before you say next time
Get it..yeah! nice there ;P

Now, i would like to show you what i did the past few weeks
Check it out!
Playing with AutoCAD 2012/2010 
Playing with ESTEEM 8.0
Playing with MIDUSS 98
Playing with KY PIPE 2000 VERSION 2.0
All about designing, calculating, planning, solving and most important is LEARNING =)

Dont judge a project by the quantity of project because a project may need full of strength and determination to make it d0ne
It's not about how fast you can do but how fast you can make it done and be s0lved
This is what i've realized


08 August 2012

August Fifth 2012

TO ME...!!!

Maybe its kinda too late
But i dont care..
i want to update it here, n0w, right n0w, at this m0ment..yeahhh!!
Eventhough it is very very late..;)
So, Happy 23rd birthday to Siti Hajar Bt. Mansor


29 July 2012

Die In Your Arms

If i could just die in y0ur arms
i w0uldnt mind...
*again n again n again listening to this s0ng..hell yeahhh~~ *


Sometimes the situation isn't right eventh0ugh you wanna do that thing.
Sometimes we really wanna do that thing but not everyb0dy want to do it.
Cause sometimes everything is not possible...
So, what to do???


22 July 2012

The Blessed Month

Ramadan is much more than just not eating and drinking
Every part of the body must be restrained
Restrained from gossip, looking at unlawful things, listening bad things and others
It is the time to purify the soul, refocus attention to GOD and sacrificing


18 July 2012

Hold On! Tonnes Of Works

Action speak l0uder than words
It is an ordinary quote
I want something extraordinary
So i choose 'a picture speak a thousand words'
It is more suitable for me..why???
Because.....a picture shows a project that i've done!
Many days and weeks i've tried to finish those projects
Huhh! What a relief *sort of*
What a nice m0ment yaw!!
For your information, ive already organize them in oder..from latest to oldest
yeahhh..i guess -.-"
Damn headache and backpain..morning till evening i will be sitting in front of a c0mputer
I think my eyes getting more dim
o.O *tingt0ng*
I did drawing, designing, drawing, detailing, designing, drawing, detailing...
I feel like i didnt come for internship
This is more than that...
My life is about AutoCAD
Why i said that? This is because, everytime i touch my laptop or mouse or my keyboard, it is habitual to react just like im using the AutoCAD
*autocad dh sebati dalam diri ke?* wtcad! hahaha.. XD
Seriously i did many times -.-'

 double storey bungalow - ground floor plan
to define the cracking, sinking, leaking when raining
need to draw the ground floor plan first!
at that moment, felt like an architect lah...

 outlet sump detailing for JPS - PROJECT: 3 Storey Office-Shop
first n foremost, i need to calculate the level of suitable place for outlet sump
then the details can be d0ne

 the project plan for JPS
3 Storey Office-Shop
JPS is for drainage system
quite complicated while doing this plan..because...i need to combine the existing plan with the prop0sed plan
so i have to put it in scale correctly

 project plan for JPP
its look kinda same with JPS's project plan but actually it's different
JPP is for sewer department
1st, we need to calculate the PE or kn0wn as Population Evaluation
To evaluate the PE for some unit

this is schematic drawing
project plan for water reclamation or water rec.
before design the drawing, i need to calculate the peak flow and fire hydrant flow
basically, people will say that it is not easy
BUT...for me it is truely awesome!
haha...*senang beb!!~*

Those pictures need lots of time, strength and effort to be completed
Sometimes i feel b0red doing the same stuff because i'm wondering where's the end of my w0rks?
is it too far to reach or gettiing cl0ser
i am the type of person who easily get b0red doing the same things..hahah!
this is me ;)
But i do love what i've done
I still cant believe that i can use AutoCAD now...s00oooo damnnnnn happpyyyyyyy taw!
just look at what i've d0ne..damn superbbbbb!!!!
Everyday i  learn something new...
i keep on learning day by day when i'm doing my internship
i do not know the definition of wasting time..cause my time is fully l0aded
Couldn't imagine of becoming a real engineer later
*bigggg grinnnn*

11 July 2012

My New Pet

This is my new pet named "Lappard" <3

*big grin*

08 July 2012

Mix Up and Wishes

Yesterday was my sister's birthday
07 / 07 / 2012
You're big girl already
Wishes from your lovely sis: May all y0ur dreams come true & go0d luck plusss++ all the best in your future undertaking..
The celebration was simple (at lovely h0me) but a very nice m0ment
Really enj0yed DOMINO's PIZZA..hahahh!


Tomorrow will be the 3rd week of my internship
Last week was quite busy
I am really exhausted...During this internship i usually sleep early and wake up early
Cause i feel sleepy quite fast nowadays
hmmm -.-"
maybe too busy at day
Lots of works and stuffs need to be carry out
I thought that this degree's internship quite same as diplomme's internship
But actually, i was wrong..Doing intenship at consultant company is busy like bee
Works are always on the way
Projects are all the way
Sometimes i need to settle 1 project for 2 or 3 days cause have to complete and submit directly to boss on time
I couldnt list out all the works that i've done
But i can only say that DAMN A LOT!!!
maybe, some people says that:
'what la...intenship only la...not much works to do laaa...chill babe'
'hah? is it true ha internship do have lots of work to do'
'how come you say that doing an internship is very busy'
Hmmm...maybe your company dont have lots of projects so you can say that things laa~
I dont care what people say..As long as i can learn something new
 Yuo! I learn something new!
Good for me..

Who cares!

04 July 2012

Zero To Hero

These were the things that i've completed for this 3 days of the sec0nd week of my internship.
Nothing else can describe..

argghh..back pain already
sitting in fr0nt of computer for a wh0le day...m0rning till evening
i'm using the AutoCAD 2012..
bef0re this, i admit that i am not so master using autoCAD but n0w...hahahh!
fr0m ZERO to HERO
still cant believed it yaw!
*poyooo la tuh*


- checking
- editing
- correcting
- designing

Foundation Plan

 Column Details

 Beam Details

 Slab Details

This is just some part of the drawings.
So, what do u think and feel ab0utmy internship??
is it damn busy or b0ring?
My answer is I AM FULLY ENJOYED with these works
I want it m0re and more and MOREEEE!!!
My internship is damn GREAT
Okay...Im done with Bandar Putera Indah Project

What's next??

30 June 2012

Internship vs Home

Almost a week i've done my internship. But i've learned so many things that i never get used to it bef0re.. Doing my intenship at consultant c0mpany gave new experience to me. I thought that to be a consultant is not easy because of you must know h0w to use vari0us kinds of software and need to master all. Truely, actually it is not so difficult. It seems too easy if you enj0y doing it. AND i do enj0yed them. For these days, i've inv0lved lots of pr0jects..
  • Water reclamati0n project (drawing at AutoCAD 2012)
  • Apartment at Scientex Skudai (design at ESTEEM 8)
  • Schematic drawing for water rec. for Peak Flow and Hydrant Flow (at AutoCAD 2012)
  • RC Drawing for foundation of 20 units of semidetaches h0uses at Simpang Renggam (AutoCAD 2012)  
  • Prepare the l0ngggggg lists of  MASMA data.
Sometimes i didn't have time to go to toilet..hihii *pee..pee* Sometimes i need to finish my work at home. Some project need to submit to b0ss on the dot as the boss said so. I didn't say that i master all the softwares and design method. Like i said bef0re, i still learn to be a better person. If i don't kn0w anything or not sure to anything, i will ask the staffs there or ask directly to my bOss. Even some of the staff quite afraid to ask or meet the boss. I admit that my boss is kinda strict person and not quite understand what his saying. Well of course every boss will have that kind of strict's attitude. But i will try to feel more comfortable with my surrounding.

Finally, i'm at h0me. Really at h0me..hahahh! Weekdays busy with internship. Finally ITS WEEKEND DAYS!!! Owhhhh..Oooo Oooo Awes0meeeeeeeee *eventhough i do bring my long list of MASMA data at h0me...bluarggghhhh*  o.O -.-" Maybe one day i will feel more appreciate the damn co0llest of weekend to workers. Right now i sitting at my comfy ro0m and peacfully updating my cool bl0g. Hahaha.. but d0n't get confuse with the icey co0Lbl0g oh0kayyyyy~ Ok then, i think i should get out of this cool bl0g and enj0y life at h0me. Home sweet h0me always!

So0ooooo niceeeeeee....
Good day allz!

Keep smiling for a perfect day
Let the smile be on y0ur face...

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