26 January 2012

Resolution of 2012

Happy January 2012..

Alone at my r00m right n0w..sav0uring my sp0ngy sm0othy ch0colate cake..yummy!
On a holidays mode right n0w..so take some advatange to bake a cake
Awesome! the cake's turns awesome..

During afterno0n i made some curds.. My sisters said it was awes0me.. *kembang id0ng la tuuu*
Hmm...i d0nt usually do all these things (having b0red time) unless i dont know what else to do, always do the same thing like watching TV, finding some fo0d to eat, g0 in and out from your bedroom, and still do the same things again n again n again n againnn n again..owh ok2 i got it..s0 many "AGAIN" -.-'
Do you spend b0red time with yourself like this?

WhOaaa!! Maybe the shortest way to describe it as me-myself-I-time.. The time seems like just stop. All i have to do is All About My Strong Plan... Is it just a plan or dream plan? Anyway it is a plan and i have to stick with it.

This is the perfect time for me to list down my 2012 (real) resolutions which i could share some.. The others will be under pr0gress.

1. Stop making excuses
So many reason to avoid from doing some stuffs that actually mine.. Well sometimes what if people passed their stuffs to me? any excuses need to be made? The main point is stop making excuses for things that you should not be doing.

2. Camera and photography
Take more nice photos and improve my photo skill. Lets do photo.. I will play more with my camera and see things through it..and...SNAP!!! ;)

3. Make significant performance
Completely change my life and make significant performance gain. Fun to change. Change is fun. Improve my performance and make myself more comfortable. Feel great! Maybe some people might misunderstood my changes...significant laaaa......Forsure.

4. On time
I think this is the biggest problem of mine. Kinda heaviest things ever.. ON TIME?? *huh..takot nyeeee* Most of the time im not on time at anything. Like go to class on time, go to examination hall on time, do assignments on time, pray on time and etc. All at last minute.. Why? Why? Why???? cause an engineer must be used to do thing on last minute.. ;)

5. Find ways to improve as a daughter/friend/partner/student
Obviously, im a complicated girl who actually dont really kn0w what im doing in life. Im trying to be nice to people and nice to myself. Is it the people who is complicated or me? i dont know... there's a way. There will be ways. :)

6. Start from beginning
Start again from beginning if you feel not satisfy or etc..Always be prepared. Cause sometimes the beginning is the end.

You see, i hope to complete this list so i could come up with more great things i could try to achieve. Maybe if i think and wish and hope and pray it might come true. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.

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