27 January 2013

We Always Hurts The One We Love

Our story has 3 parts a beginning, a middle, and an end.

It is in vain that we think of someone from morning until night, but actually he assume we have gone.. 
It is no used to think much about people that eventually try to let us go
It is such a wasted to be sad or cry all day long for the people who dont know how to threat us well
It is hurt when somebody we love suddenly end up dissapointing you
It hurts when he just keep on ignoring you while all you have to do is to show how he mean the whole world to you..

If he loves you, dont have to wear make up in front of him
It is a mess, but you still want to be there even it sucks

Just love me the way you did it from the beginning
We are both in a capable stage of being in love
I might do a wrong decision for loving you so badly..but one thing is clear for me..."I Love You" 
If it cause you in pain I will give you the freedom you need

Before i met you, whenever people talk about love my first expression will be rolled my eyes and think how annoying they are. But now, im finally understand why they're acting like that cause sometimes, someone can mean so much to you no matter what or who they are.. :)

People say, if you make a boy laugh, he likes you. If you makes a boy cry he loves you..hahah! really?
Owh yah, and the best smell in the world is the men that you loved..sweet right ;)

LOVE. It will remain forever

24 January 2013

Project Luck

Hello there world.. i keep my promise right..hahah! I'm updating my bl0g right now yaw.. :) 
My first task to do during this holiday completed just now.
 I've done collecting my soil samples for my project. 
First of all, praise to beloved God cause He listened to my prayer. 
Because while im collecting my soil samples the weather was just fine and sunny also.. 
Thank You God. 
And you know what, after done my works, it is started to rain.. 
Raining cats and dogs ok...huhuu.. Lucky me. :D

My palm kinda hurt and scratch somewhere..
 Maybe, i handling the hoe too care or too tight. I guess -.-" 
Oh, furthermore i got some scratches from palm oil spine while digging and collecting the samples.  
*hmm melecet tangan i youuu* 
 Felt dizziness after done all. But my aunt said 'bau minyak kapak nie, nnti x pening' 
Huhh..nasib baik!

Then, i've got free pineapples from the uncle there. He own a pineapple's orchard.
Thank you uncle
Lucky again! :)

After that, i went straight to my university to send my soil samples to RECESS laboratory for drying them in the oven for 1 night..
As i reached to RECESS, i need to find 3 trays to put my soil samples onto it.
hmmm..but i couldnt find 1 at first...and AGAIn, lucky me!
I found it..i found it! HAHAHAHA *bangga plak*
So my soil samples were safely put into the oven and i'm off to home

Pretty tired t0day.. o.O
Lets go home
I think today is my lucky day..why? Becauseeee...
- nice weather
- no rain
- sunny
- free pineapples
- all works done (soil samplings)
 Thanks God and those people that involved too... lovel0ve ;)

Next will be busying with laboratory testing
Jia you!
Ganbatte kudasai!

22 January 2013

What Is The Meaning of Holiday

I'm at home.. 5 days at home already. Enough for rest i guess. I'm having my semester break for 1 month. Actually i just finished my final year examination. So, its kinda dusty and webby here, on my blog. The examinations were ok for some subjects but not quite well, i guess, for 1 subject. Hmm....why i feel not confident when i answering the exam ques of design subject???? Urgghhhh!!! Is this a karma or my stupidness?? I think both -.-" MAYBE..duh~!
What ever it is, i must not think about what i've done on past. Cause now is my semester break holidays. Still got 1 more semester to complete my Degree of Civil Engineering (hons). 

Its evening already. Laying on my comfy bed with purple wall is damn nice and with the weather outside is just nice. Windy and gl0omy...hehee.. Bored somehow. BUT pleaseeeeee...DONT RAIN!!! pleaseeeeee~~~~ Cause i need to do my final year project this thursday. Why?? Because i need to collect some peat soil samples and it is not good when its raining. The soil will contain more water than SOIL...huhh...soft and m0ist -.-' o.O" I hope that tomorow will be a sunny day... Owhh please GOD. 

I am a final year civil engineer student. Well, it looks awesome and wow rite. Woww! Engineer yaw! Yah yah..sooooo w0w~ I have a project that need to be settle or i might not graduate this year.. Im majoring in geotechnical engineering. Forsure my project is based on geotechnic. Soil..soils..SOILSSSS! Yes, i must play with soils and get to know soils. So, the title of my final year project is Investigate And Analyse The Contaminants From Peat Soils By Electrokinetics. Already did the presentation of my proposal project. All panels approved my project and they wished 'all the best for your project'.. Aminnnn! ;) Well, I need to prepare 24 samples of peat soils with different types of laboratory tests. Thats why, i must and have to start my project on this semester holidays. Sacrifice..sacrificeee!! Hmm lots of sacrifice must do in life hah? Is it?? I dont like sacrifice at all.

In conclusion, although i might be busy with my final year project, i will try my best to dispose all the dustness and webness on my blog for this semester break. I really miss to write my daylife stuffs on this page. :( I've been posting on my facebook a lot and i ignored my beloved blog. Anyway, please take care of yourself and happy semester break holidays to all.


p/s: Can I Keep You? :)

02 January 2013

I Want

One of my resolution this year....

owh ya! and, can spend time with me when i've got nothing to do 
imp0ssible rite..cause nob0dy's perfect but can try t0 be perfect


01 January 2013



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