05 May 2013

Change or Not To Change

The clock shows that it is 3.37am.. The clock is thicking. Few hours later will be or may change everything. Everybody cant wait. Some of them may even cant sleep properly. After so many things happened for the past few days, this is the day. All of you will be counted. All of you will be part of it.  

The majority will win and others must accept it maturely. We are all the same cause we live in the same country. We must not create any  differences among us. We are the ruler of this nation. No matter who we choose to be a leader, he must be good and sincere to the country and to us.

People out there! Yuhuuu...!! Dont act too busy punching and pointing others mistake. Dont create bad atmosphere just to see others fall. We do not create divides, although we have our own path. Understand that first. How come for so many years we are in peace but now some unappropiate troublemaker came out and said want to change everything suddenly? Things cant change according to plan in sudden ok. There must be some agenda. Think. It is not worth fighting between us.

Chance can be given. But, hmmm.. i dont know. Everybody has a choice. It can be good or crazy. We'll see.

A matter didnt solve on time or in the meantime. It will be solved if we calm and think intelligently without forgetting the consequences. Sometimes change is good. But sometimes we dont know what kind of changes it will be. Yes, i believe in changes. We can change eveything if we willing to do, but not eveything need changes. Cause we still have GOD, remember!

No matter what you do for what you want, dont forget that you are not made by your ownself. You will get what you want or what you aim only by HIM. So, do not create trouble just to get what you want.

In my own perspective, young people should be involved in this situation. The new generation should know about the country's situation right now. Thats why history is important to know. The veteran should help us and show the good side. But not making us confused, disrespect you, fighting, blaming for nothing and make unnecessary stuffs.

This is not a gamble stuff. These are for our pride,people,religion and nation. Come on, wake up, realize, think, and choose the right thing to do. Never trust something that is based on words. Cause action is more louder than word. Take a look to the  history and see the past to understand the present for a better and brighter future.

#peacenlove ;)

Happy Election Day Malaysia!!!

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