24 July 2013

Life Is Revolving

Like we used to know, God will give a beautiful rainbow after having heavy rain pour.
Human...we always forget to be thankful to God or to people that bring us colours.
Cause we never feel enough for what we've had.
I am just a complicated girl and a teenager who still need some knowledge to lead my life for the better future.
I surrounded myself with cool and loving people for years.
People who willing to teach me and show me the true definition of life.
I want to live.
I want to play.
I want to be happy.
I want to know everything.
The most precious thing is I want to get what i want.
But life's involving everything right
The decision that we want to make will involve others too
Thought that the day will be shinning till evening, apparently rain out in the afternoon
That is how we have to deal with life cause anything can happen
One day, i'm not even sure what happened
But everything just changed
Didn't mean to be sad
Didn't mean to cry
Didn't mean to hurt or to be hurt
To find the reason sometimes will also needs time
Time to learn to accept and understand
Sorry may be the hardest word
Sorry can make things right
Sorry cannot be everything
Cause we know everybody ain't perfect
Me, make a lot of mistakes but deeply really appreciate those people
Who still staying with me after knowing how i really am
Sometimes mistakes never change feeling cause the mind that gets angry 
You can see in my smile
I can see in your eyes
To give importance to people who thinks that you're always free but the reality is.....to make people understand that myself available for person everytime...
If everyone is happy with me than surely i've made many compromises in my life
If i'm happy with everyone surely i've ignored many faults of others
Perseverence is everything
Not strength anymore
So, if things are going good just enjoy it because in life anything can happen at anytime
You are here for a reason
Be there here, now, anytime n always


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