13 July 2013

Stuck At Home In Holidays

Its true that if too long to be kept in a house can turn to dumb. Like i feel it right now. Need something to boost out my mind. Feel like kinda bored. Right now, i'm stucks at holidays mode. Usually, during this moment, forsure i enjoying my holidays vacation with my beloved family. I missed out my vacation again. Last semester holidays i'm busy with my final year project and need to sacrifice my holidays. It was hard ok. Now, it is different. Why? Only me on the mood of holidays but the rest of my family are busy with their work. Cause it is not school holidays ok! Ergghhh!~ So, i 'm stucks at home and trying to figure out what to do.

How to keep busy when i'm stucks at home? Cause i used to make my life busy. But when it turn to dull moment, i will easily get bored and feel dumb. Huh.. I need something to fresh me up. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee...
If only i have something to play with..hmmmm??? *think think* I prefer maybe a pet, i guess. Actually couple years ago i do have pets with me. Hamsters. A few years and long time ago. Few cats. But they're all gone. Some died some missing and some gave to people. 

This holiday, i stucks at my lovely home and at least i did something better than nothing. If you stuck at home, like me, don't sit around and do nothing. It gets really boring u know. Hmm, well..if you keep on doing the same thing sure you get bored right. So do i. If there is nothing to do go online and find things. Yes i did that. And i succeed to buy some stuff using online shopping website. Or make up a game. Yes i did that too. Besides that, i clean up my house also my family would really appreciate it and happy when they back home. It makes me feel better and i don't wanna sit in a messy house. Yucckkks! It will makes me dizzy and crazy. You do not have to ask me to go watch TV because i used to do it ok. Bluargghhhh~~ Every channel and every movie i watched. Maybe pretend that i am a chef (homemade food heaven, and eating nice food), dancer (dancing with sister with Gentleman song and Barabara Berebere song: based on youtube choreographer) or singer (singsong lots of song and karaoke in my chamber). Yes i did it! Done it ohokayyy.... Meet some friends and you shouldn't mention that cause everybody knows and absolutely sure that i did it. Well hello, who wouldn't want to hang out with buddies, like hell yaaa~! Play musical instruments such as guitar or organ. Yes, did it again guys. Ouhhhh..

Read book? Owhhhh please. Not again. I'm trying to escape from books after completed my bachelor degree. For awhile, please. Although, i don't get any relaxing and fun vacation like before, but actually i found some useful and kinda new thing for me. It is a virtual vacation. You can see many wonderful places just in front of you ok. Like a real adventure. Of course it is not real, just virtual only. Haiyaaa! But at least you learn something. Go to the website of Virtual Vacation and see it yourself.

The most important thing when you don't know what to do is do not let bad thoughts get to you. It will destruct yourself from being free like a bird when holidays. I should do activities with family, friends or even pets. But, I DONT HAVE PET!! Arggghhhh! This is such a maniac. Those activities that i've already listed out are the stuffs that i usually do. I want pet. I want. I want. I want. *begging you*

This post will ends, now.

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