31 August 2013

Always Malaysian


Congartulations for being wonderful in 56 years

Malaysia has d0ne so well

Even Google also share the happiness :)




30 August 2013

Countdown For 56th Independence Day

Please do look at your calendar dude. Malaysia's Independence Day is just a distance away. We should be proud because we are Malaysian. Malaysia is always in peace because of the understanding and tolerance from each races. Although we are different we're trying to respect each other. Malaysia is a peace country with multicultural citizen.

As Malaysian, we must always keep the country in peace and well manage. Never underestimate or take for granted to each other. Thank God there is no war or any terrible sound of bombs around us. Keep it up. Just see what happen to the unpeace country like Syria, Mesir. They can't feel any freedom in life. They can't go out whenever they want. 

We are very lucky to have freedom in Malaysia. Be proud! Do not destroy the peace that we have. Cause one day, you will feel regret with what you have done. To find a peace and freedom is not easy. So, treasure all the happiness and peaceful that you have right now. Forgive and forget. Think before you act. 

Youth are the ultimate setter of the country. Actually we are! We are the new generation that will rule our country, Malaysia. ;) Think wisely then choose the right path. Forsure, the ending will be awesome. 



Tall Pop Syndrome

Don't you ever feel regret of what have been done. Sometimes it is suppose to happen just like that. You, people out there please be thankful to God for what you have right now. It doesn't matter to show it to others if it is good to share. But, people always mistaken between share and show-off. Well, sometimes not everybody is comfortable with good achievement of other.

Have you ever heard that before? Most of us don't like this type of person because they assume that this person is arrogant. But sometimes, actually these showy people sometimes remind us of our few achievements. That is why people who feel their action will straightly shows jerk face and unhappy. HAHAA! From the outside the showy people appear to be happy.

It can be jealousy. If you get jealous of someone, do not put a revenge of your emotion to him/her. You have to deal it with yourself. Why? You need to ask yourself the way you feel first. It is you who does not comfortable with your own living. So, never get rid of others. You have to deal it yourself. Do not copy others. You will never feel the enjoyment and definition of your life if you did that. Let your mind wide open. 

Well, people get jealous because of good things. Exactly. Then, people will be more comfortable hearing about things that went wrong in others life, instead of happy and proud about. As an adult, you may have noticed that when great things happen to you is so excited about it. In fact, some people go out of their way to really make you feel bad about sharing your good fortune. 

Sometimes, i don't even understand some people who actually trying to steal others spotlight. Neither they steal by themselves nor link with others. You should never do that to bring people down. You should create your own moment. Not by getting it using people's moment, track, style, doings or saying. It is ashamed. It is true. It can be jealousy because it is a very normal human reaction to do and want what someone else has. Actually, they feel uncomfortable of themselves because maybe in their mind, it speaks that they can't achieve or deserve that and they're trying to transfer those feeling to us. -.-" 

Power doesn't have to show off. Power is confident, self assuring, self starting and self stopping, self warming and self justifying. When you have it, you know it. 
- Ralph Ellison - 

Hmm...~ The problem is, do not think wrong about me. I'm not going to stop sharing good news with others. You see, i constantly love continuing to upgrade my life. Don't hold back on being successful. Cause i believe, sometimes people will get the inspiration by looking what other people do. The good things that we share can turn into an inspirational motivation to someone. Inspiration is not a copy. :) Inspiration means you're trying to make things happen wonderfully with your own way based on the inspiration you've got.

Seriously, guys, please be real ok. I am sick of people who's trying to look smart in front of the crowd instead of taking care of their own self. Erggghhh.. -..-" Sometimes it's annoying. If you're trying to look smart or to prove that you are very-the-important-people or prove your power and capability what so ever please don't show it too much cause clearly you're having the-tall-pop-syndrome. Its kinda weird, awkward and not smart at all. You don't need to show all to others. Bored. For me, don't show off everyday or you will stop surprising people. There must always be a space for private. Cause the person who display lil things will create big expectations and no one will discover the limits of him/her talents. Yeah, i'd tried this and its work. They were surprised at me. :P

The conclusion is, think about what you must do. Not think about what people already did and you try to think that way too. Hmmm... I keep quiet but doesn't mean i didn't see. I sees a lot.

23 August 2013

2 Weeks Gone

I know i'm a bit late. Eid Mubarak everyone. Two weeks gone already. Just wanna say Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin! ;)

Fireworks is a must

These are panjut. Usually, on raya month people will put this to light up more the eid spirit.. Actually it makes our house looks more beautiful and w0ww. Hahahh! XD

My raya was very awesome and fun. As usual all relatives will  be gathered and visit my house and of course my family will not go anywhere or go beraya for at least 2 weeks. Cause almost everyday people will come to my house. Alhamdulillah.. :) Oh and u know what, a limited edition vase had broken because of a kinda naughty lil boy excidently broke it. Huhh! almost every raya this kind of excident and broken thingy will be happened. So parents, please make sure teach your kids to behave at people's house. Bear in mind. *sabo jelah*

First day of raya was totally excited. Got up early in the morning to do mandi sunat raya and wore new clothes. Then, we went to graveyard for a visit. After that send some meals to neighbours and some relatives. Then greats each other and forgave each other and ate together. Ate a lot of food. My grandma's cook is the best. We didnt go for beraya because every year, the first day of eid, we are busying to handle our dearest relatives.

So hows your raya? I bet it was awesome too right. Eventhough, i didnt go for beraya, actually i still got angpau ok. Hahah! Isn't it superb. Lucky me. Cause i thought that i will never get angpau anymore but you know what? still get ok. Quite many. Yayyy!!! After that, like a week of eid, we did Marhaban at our house. This is the compulsory things to do every Syawal in my family. 

These are some photos of eid that i've took. 

Those are the cutie cookies that i've made. It's called strawberry cheese tart and blueberry cheese tart

Mr. Panda and Mr. Froggie are taking care and acting as bodyguard for my duit raya. Thereeeee..u seee. Some little monster too! ;) 

Be safe wherever you are. And peace may be upon you.
Salam Syawal guys!

p/s: Although we are busy enjoying the eid and counting the pocket full of money, please remember that there are some people who are unlucky to have a peace and happiness especially to our brothers and sisters in Eygpt, Mesir. Please pray for them. May God be with them always. :)

05 August 2013

Always In My Heart










Happy August Everyone

First of all, HAPPY AUGUST everyone! Lots of stuffs will going to happen in this month. Or i should called it as an eventful month. Well, the Ramadhan will gonna end soon. Aidilfitri celebration will be up next. Then, it will be the National Day.. Owhhhhh!!! almost forgot. This month is my BIRTHDAYYYY.. Iyeayyyy....! My birthdayyyyyyy..Iyeayyyyyy... Oh0kayyy. Enough. Actually, i haven't updated my blog recently this few days cause lately, i'm kinda busy to prepare for Ramadhan that is going to end and of course next is Hari Raya. So excited about Raya. Eventhough, supposely i shouldn't. Hahaa.. dah tua la. Nevermind nevermind. 

There is much more important than all those stuffs above. Finally, my application of master degree has been approved. I am so glad to see the confirmation on the website. Yeahhh!! I'm a Master Research Student for 1 year only.. Many things need to be done before the registration. First and foremost, i already did my medical check up..on X-ray only. Cause i'm not in the mood right now. Guyssss, we are going to celebrate Raya Raya Raya!! So lets do what we have to do first. Hahahaa!~

Siti Hajar Bt. Mansor
Dip.Eng(civil), B.Eng(Hons)civil, M.Eng(civil)

Is that awesomeee!!! XD

Kad rayerrrrr kad rayerrrrr!!!

Found a cute lil puppy beside the X-Ray clinic

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