22 April 2014

Back On Track

HAPPY 2014!

It's 2014!
Break the record!..On the 22th of April, is the right time for me to update this blog. Almost fiveeee monthhhhh! This is crazy. I really miss writing and blogging. I miss my bloggggg. Arghhh!!! This is bad. Really really... Ok, enough with anger. Please bring back the mood of blogging *praying* Don't make me stop from blogging. The end of expression of feeling! LOL...


My life is damn busy. I really have no time to check my blog. But it doesn't mean that i forget about esmeraldacage. I just need the right time to sit down and view my own blog and get some mood to post my story. Almost 5 months back, i am really busy with my research work. Absolutely busy. And some personal matters affecting me t0o. Sort off. :-P Don't worry. Now i already back on track. The past whole 5 months were focused on my research. Master's Research of Civil Engineering. I will tell more about what i had going through for almost 5 MONTHSSS!! Because i've already done my research presentation... MERDEKAAAA *for awhile only..~ hmm..*

Please do not hesitate to read my blog..


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