22 April 2014

Poem For The Past 5 Months (Part 1)

Month: January 2014

Research research and research...
Done this did that and bla bla bla...
Testing is everywhere
Ring shear test
Direct shear test
Triaxial compression test...
My legs hurt cause walking everywhere, here and there..
Parit Nipah.. a place where i took or collected my research samples...
Peat peat peat...peat is a soils
Peat soils...


Lab testing may kinda difficult to understand if the technician also hard to understand to explain
Made my own movement to understand and familiar the procedure..
Meeting?? meeting is a routine..sort off..huh~
RECESS Centre is a place where i can called it as my second home..or maybe my home, for this moment
Meeting: Conference at Bandung 2014
Bandung, is where Prof.  Dato' Dr. Ismail Bakar, former of UTHM Vice Caunselor asked the research student to present their research at Bandung Conference
Meeting again...arrghhh...life's miserable
The mind spoke to me...why i must choose to do research?
But my heart answered.. YOU CAN DO IT! NEVER QUIT.. 
So i find the way to be focus...happy!
Another week came..a Briefing Program for Research and PhD Students with vice caunselor of UTHM
Bla..bla..bla....suggestions, comments, and recommendations..everywhere *bored oiii*
Did the overview paper of my research title..
Kinda proper overview i did. Yeahhh..i did it!! Done.. Passed up to my supervisor in observation to be publish..
Happy Birthday Doc Adnan and congratulations for the new title
Associate Professor Doctor Adnan Zainorabidin! ;)

Research research and research...
Journal journal and journalsss.....
You really love me, i guess
Cause i can't get rid off you

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