03 January 2018

Rule of Work To Be Excellent

Wherever you work, please remember these rules:

Rule 1: Work does not keep lazy people 

Rule 2: In a work unit, do not just pay attention to making money, first learn how to make yourself worth of money

Rule 3: No industry is easy to make money

Rule 4: At work, no place is favorable, inhibited frustration is normal

Rule 5:
- Not earning money, gain knowledge
- Not gaining knowledge, gain experiences
- When you get those things, do not be afraid of not making money

Rule 6: Only when we change our attitude, we can change our position in society

Rule 7: The reason why people feel confused, is the years that we should strive, should work hard, but we thought too much and did a little


01 January 2018

2017 to 2018

Before the 2017 comes to an end, I would like to share few things first.

This year (2017) teached me a lot. There were a lot of things happened in this year that made me grows and be more matured. I've tried many new things.

The biggest achievement for me in 2017:

- i am an Ir. candidate or known as Professional Engineer
- i already completed and succeed to finish my project at Danga Bay under the development of Country Garden Danga Bay for high rise building construction
- i'm a businesswoman
- i've owned a company and i'm the CEO of SHM FUTURE RESOURCES
- i got new position in the company that i'm working right now in a new construction project at Central Park, JB
- my own company entitled a new project under Green Urban Development Sdn. Bhd. at BOTANIKA, JB for high rise building (apartment with 42 floors)

Sometimes i don't even know how to describe them. But the best thing is i'd never regret what i did and i'm happy with what i've done. Work hard is not the suitable word to express my feeling. The power, strength and confident to try new things and be different are those attitude that i tried for 2017. I'm happy and still trying to improve more and upgrade more on what i've handling right now. I hope it will continue as long as i can.

More to come, soon....

May this year of 2018 be
A year of health & happiness 😊
A year of wealth & wisdomπŸ€ͺ
A year of peace & prosperityπŸ˜‡
And also a year of love & laughter 😍

Happy New Year πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
May welcome this 2018 with full of loveπŸ’ž


22 December 2017

Man Should Know

A man must be brave enough to express his feeling
A man cannot afraid to say what he wanna say
A man should have guts to make the first move and first talk
The definition of a man?
What can a woman describe about a man?
Every woman wants a man who is brave and confident to say what  he wanna say
To make the first move
To express his first emotion or feeling towards a woman
A man that can put aside his ego or arrogant
A man that can respect a  woman feelings without any hesitation or curiosity
Is it hard to find a man that can do a surprise or first move in anything?
What is man afraid of?
What is man waiting for?
Why his full of ego to say any first word?
What's the problem?
A woman need a man that is brave, strong, confident and believe in himself that he can do anything eventhough it is impossible to do because sometimes we need to see his effort and love
Most of 21st century man would like a woman that can make a first move (independent)
First move is different from independent
When we talk about independent, people will easily judge about braveness, confident, full of herself, self control, strong, etc
Hey man!
Dont wait for a woman to say it
A man should always and will be always do the first move no matter what
That's nature
Feeling is all about nature
Just do it first, man!!
Before it's too late

02 December 2017

Business One Step At A Time

Literally, today is such a good day.
Good day for everything eventhough it was kinda feel exhausted.
Feeling exhausted can give you a tired, sleepy and can't think properly.
Somehow, the proper way to get rid of this kind of situation is to do something that can cheer you up or hype.
What is the thing that can make me feels those kinda feeling?
The best feeling is to know that i have completed what i've desired and wanted to.
I always wanted to run my own business since i was an engineering student. I like to see other people can manage their own business and be successfull with it.
Success is very hard to get without sacrifice.
I sacrificed most of my time and weekend to get this!
Finally i have my own company! Not a massive company, but a kick start to have a future massive company! Practically it is a business that is based on my own idea.
The idea came up when i start working in the China construction and i admired all the subcons and other workers that can manage their works easily and get easy income.
Well i guess, everyone wanna have some side income and own a business right. Who doesnt want to be a BOSS?
My company named as SHM FUTURE RESOURCES
I just picked the name like that...hahah! Not plan at all. But basically my company involve in construction matter, of course. Yeahhh i did it!
I did submit the SSM form at SSM office in JB, Johor. I am so happy that i finally managed to complete it.


I am so proud of myself. I will make this start as my starting stone for a better business and development in future. Running an own business is such an awesome feeling ever! Oh! And you know what, i already get a project for my business at Bakar Batu, JB under maincontractor of GREENLAND MALAYSIA URBAN DEVELOPMENT SDN. BHD. It is a high rise building (apartment). Just started yesterday. Thanks to God.

I hope everything will be okay and going smoothly. Besides, it is just starting. My business is just starting. So i think i need to plan and think about the improvement of my company, of course for a better future.

I think my life is going pretty well for this few years. Thanks to my family and YOU for the continous support eventhough i am here all alone in JB. But you are always close to my heart. Thank you GOD


29 November 2017

Fasting, Good, Great

Today is such a beautiful day eventhough it was raining heavily in the afternoon. I am all alone at home because my housemate have went back to her hometown for quite some times. She's on a school holidays because she is a teacher in a private school very near to my rent house.  Nevermind. I can stay alone at home without any problem at all. BUT i dont like to stay alone during raining heavily because that kind of moment is dark, gloomy and the sound of thunder can give me shock or terrified.

Today is my fasting day. I fasting because i need to replace the last Ramadhan fasting day. As usual when i do fasting i'm a lottle bit late to get up early in the morning. My routine every morning when i do not go to work is wake up late, laying on the bed while playing my phone and checking emails or read a book. Yes, those are the things that i really like to do. But today is a little different. I guess i'm not too lazy at all.

What are things that i do today:
- find the toilet
- check my phone
- laying on the bed
- read a book
- clean my room
- bath and wash clothes
- iron my clothes for work
- watch movie + read a book
- ok fine it's raining

After done all stuffs,  i'm get ready to go out. To where??? To buy food for break fasting. Yes, this comes the lazy attitude of me. These couple days i feel quite lazy to prepare food and cook. I don't like rhis kinda attitude. I really like to cook and i always cook, everyday eventhough when i go to work i also bring my own food. But, this day is different. I break fasting with McDonalds. Yeahhh! Long time no eat yawww...

On my way to McDonalds, there is something sweet had happened. I smiled alone in the car without anyone noticed. Nevermind, i don't care if someone notice. Who cares. It's my LIFE. Actually, i did see my own hardwork not far from my house. My project. My construction project. The mega-high-rise-building-megastructure from my house. IT IS AWESOME to see them stay strong, big and high. It is such a wonderful feeling to see your job and hardwork is finally grow and stand still with proud. I'm smiling because this is what i feel to see the achievement! I keep on smiling along the way until i reach the McDonalds. I can still see the building along the way to McDonalds.

Sometimes, passion is the reason for good becomes great! Hmm...not sometimes,  but passion is always great. Have faith and passion in whatever you are doing no matter how weird people looking at you. You are not them. Do not bother about others. I always believe in myself and always trying to learn to believe in myself every single day. That is strong enough, i guess.

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