17 September 2016

When The King Met The Queen

How do you feel when you know someone love you so much?
What will you do for that person if you knew he love you with all his heart?
Can you do the same thing?
Is it worth to be love by someone?
How to know if a person truely love you?
The most important thing is, is it last forever?

Hello peeps! It's weekend! Yeahhh..Okay, maybe i'm a bit lovey dovey today. Yes i'm in a some-kind-of love mood right now. No offense, please. I'm in a great mood today. You must be happy because i'm in a positive mood. Just think positive and have fun~

My goal for today is to always think positive for the whole day. Think positive in whatever you do. Yah, i will always try to think positive eventhough in a quite tough situation. I try to think positive so that i don't feel dizzy. I tend to get headache if i think too much. Do you know how i feel i headache attacks me? Terrible. I can't even stop the dizziness. It feels like something trying to get out of my head but can't and still searching the way out. Yah, that is how i feel. So, how to solve it?

- open your eyes big without blinking
- stare at something and focus
- focus on one thing only
- stare that thing for 1 minute and nothing else
- stop thinking 
- try to clear your mind
- breath peacefully (inhale and exhale)
- smile and focus (keep smiling)
- throw away all the negative thoughts
- bend your head left and right
- breath again and smile
- masage and wipe your head
- smell some peppermint oil

That is it! Just live your life and be happy. Yeah, i am very happy today because i met him after so long. After completed my work, i managed to met him for awhile. It's okay. I am thankful to time because we can met even just a little while. I'm grateful enough :) We hung out and ate 'cendol durian'. I really miss to hang out with him. We used to spend time together everyday but not anymore because everyone has their own responsibilities in life. Yes i'm trying to take it in a positive way although i'm a bit sad. It is quite hard to accept that we can't spend time together everyday. I really miss the old days! Arrgghhh...

Don't worry. I'm not a kid who crying to get things that she want. Maybe sometimes i may act like a kiddo that trying to get what she want..HAHAA! But we were really have fun together. YAyy!! Thanks for came by to see me..mulukufu. I was a wonderful day for me. I'm very excited to spend time with you some other time soon. Thanks penguin. You're always make my day!

He said he will always try to meet me if he can. And me too..will do the same thing. Love you! Actually i wrote a poem for you but it is still not ready yet. Be patient. I will share with you soon. Hope you like it.

Ohokayyy...i think all the questions in the introduction just now have been answered! If you guys still not satisfied with the answers, i will answer them properly on the next post. Right now, just think of the answers that i already gave to you. I did summarize the answers of the questions in the intro above.

Have a loveable day everyday!


16 September 2016

Malaysian Day

Happy Malaysia Day!

Today is a very special day. We as a Malaysian will celebrate this day only once a year
This day is where my country got its name and every states united as one
May God always bless our country
Peace to Malaysia!

I am proud to be Malaysian 

Hello Blog!

Better late than never!

Hello there. How are your guys doing? Goodddddd?? It is almost a year i didn't update anything in my blog. I really miss my blog. It is kinda sad to know that i don't have time to spend my day in front of my blog. It's not the same anymore. All things are matter now. I think i am more enjoying my life with things that make me alive instead of just sit down on a chair and look on the laptop screen. I'm into an adventerous things right now, i guess ;)

                                                                Roses are red
                                                                Leafs are green
                                                                Don't judge when you read
                                                                Just put your face in grin ;)

I still remember my first time of blogging. It was on 2009. It happened out of sudden! I am too young during that time and busy with many trends, wanted to try new things and eagerly to involve on 'what's-the new-trend-right-now?' Yahh! So i wanted to have a blog because i like to write. Why not if i blogging some cool things about my daylife stuffs, hobbies, feelings and random things. Even i also blog about my opinion about some certain things because i think i need to share with the whole world. Sort of typical teenager who still searching what is the meaning of life~

I blogging everyday. I blogging about everything that make me happy, sad, dissapointed, anxious and creepy. seems like too much of drama, right? Who cares. It's me and my blog, people can read but cannot judge. Every precious moment or unforgettable moment that happened will be in my blog. Sometimes, i read all posts in my blog to know what had happened to me the past few months. It is cool. My blog is like my memory keeper. 

There are some people who silently reading my blog. Yes i knew. I knew who you are. Sometimes i've caught you reading my blog. But i don't care. Anyone can read my blog. BUT!!! Please don't judge..thank you so much! Actually i am quite excited to know that, there are some people who like to ready aboy my daylife stuffs. Quite impressed by the way and happy at the same time. I hope i'm not making my silent reader bored. Are you bored?? HAHAA I'm not worry about people who is reading my blog.

Right now, i am a little bit dissapointed. Why? Because i need to find some 'me' time to blog. Study life is great. I can do anything i want whenever i want and whatever i want. Study life is the best memory ever. You just have to focus about two things. STUDY. PASS THE EXAMS. So, blogging can be done everyday.

Then, here comes the WORKLIFE. There are many things need to be done. That is why it is called as Worklife. Life is all about work. Work is all about life. Work and Life. The best friend forever till die. Those are the heavy responsibilities that you need to handle until the end of your life. Sometimes you may feel like selfish. Why? You need to focus about worklife and not others. Okay, like this. Let me pretend to be selfish. I want to blog again. Just blog, like the year of 2009 where i can do anything at anytime. So what do you think? S.E.L.F.I.S.H

For me, no matter what we do, we do with our heart. People may judge you even you are a good person. Judging is part and parcel of life. Just be yourself and trust yourself. Yeah, i trust myself in a positive way, in my way! I will try to update my blog from now onwards eventhough i am busy with 'the worklife'. This place is my place. This is where i learned to be who i am, proud to be who i am, proud to share my daylife stuffs, hobbies, feelings and facts-sometimes...

T.I.M.E.. I will find a time everyday so that i can keep updating my blog. This blog will be no longer abandoned anymore. I will try to make it alive again! Well, someone said that i have forgotten my blog, my hobbies and things that i loved to do. Yah maybe. Maybe i forgot about things that i usually do. But i'm not. I need some times to find new things in life. Actually, i shouldn't. I should just carry on to do the things that i usually do in life.

Maybe it's late. But...

It's better late than never!

peace & love

28 December 2015

Moment Of The Previous Month on 2015

The whole year in 2015 was a busy day for me. I admit that i am not usually update my blog for such a loonnggggg time!
I know that some of my reader or silent reader might be eyeing on my blog like almost every week, i guess. HAHAA! *annoying*
I am very busy with my research stuffs eventhough i already finished it.
Maybe my supervisor is totally count on me.
Sometimes i want to get off from this research life and go to work.
But, i didn't have heart to do it because my supervisor always count on me and he helps me a lot with my stuffs.
He gave me many great opportunities during my studies. Enough with the supervisor -student-problems.
Lets straight to the point about the moment of the previous month in 2015

Journaling is apart of my life. I did some paper about my reserach during my Master's.
I've attended many international conferences and participated in those stuffs. I have presented in international conferences quite a lot!
I have published my research paper about 5 times
Briefing with Bachelor Degree of final year students regarding their final year project is a part of my life during my Master's study, especially about peat soil. Why?
My supervisor would asked me to give their final year student the research that they're going to do.
I listed everything starts from:
- Project Title
- Objective
- Problem Statement
- Scopes
- Aim of Study
- Methodology
Those  are the important things that i would going to help my supervisor with.
Eventhough i need to complete my thesis from Chapter 1- 6 and re-run my testings, i still need to involve in all university activities.
Some of the activities were kinda interesting and knowledgeable
I have know nothing about the real business stuff. My supervisor asked me to join the business talk that conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Fauziah.
The seminar was organized by my faculty on how to be a successful businessman or businesswoman
She talked about how to build a company, how to start your company, how to gain some profit in your company and how to make your company very well-known
Based on my observation, it needs an awesome thought and brilliant strategy to build a successful company
You need to have a powerful trademark so that your company will be easy to establish

Then, it is time for me to concentrate on my thesis and upcoming viva
Actually, i have been to viva quite a several time. This is for Master's Reseerch student only!
Maybe it is just a simple open viva presentation compare to the close viva
But, before i join the viva i need to do a pre-viva presentation. It is a presentation between 3 internal panels. You must present your research in front of them and they will give some opinion or comments about your research.
This is to make sure that you are ready enough for viva and understand about your research project
During that time, the panels asked me a lot of questions based on my research and about my research method
It tooks almost 3 hours to complete my pre-viva session. I did it on Ramadhan. Just imagine, i need to explain a lot and can't drink any water. I was so damn thirsty during that day.
My mind was only think about water, water and water while explaining my research to them.
I really can't wait to finish that session. Fuhhh! 
Finally, i need to adjust some part of my thesis and did some minor collections
It took about 3 weeks to do my corrections and besides that the Eid celebrations was around the corner
Then, on the first week of raya i took all the panels's comments and did my thesis corrections and ready to submit it for viva
I must prepared full thesis to submit for viva and discussed it with my supervisor
After submitted the full thesis for viva, i've waited about 2 months to present my viva
I am patiently wait and read my thesis everyday so that i am clear about my research and study a lot of journals regarding my research.

The big day has come! I am ready to present my viva. 
The viva session was held in the morning at 9 AM. but actually i'm a bit late and the person who incharge the viva session called to but i've already reach the venue. 
The external examiner also already waited me inside the viva room.
 He is from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. 
Only God knows how i felt during my viva. I am so nervous but tried to be calm and cool. 
The internal examiner for my master research viva is my friend. He just finished and graduated Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
People may seen that it is an advantage for me to get your own freind as an examiner.
But i am not that kind of person who would like to take some advantage of what already have
I respect him as my internal examiner eventhough he is my friend in the real life
The viva was fine and nothing major problem at all
Finally, all my sweats and work hard are paid off. I am officially finished my Master's Research in Civil Engineering
I am so excited to hear the official annoucement from the MC
I smiled from ear to ear and screaming out loud inside

Sometimes, all you have to do is just carry on with your work and don't ever give up on whatever you do because you never know what will happen in the future
People might don't understand of what you do but you must have faith in yourself no matter what
You lead your life
You are the leader of your own heart
You should never underestimate yourself
One day you will shine in your own way and you will be proud of it
Shine your way....

08 September 2015

Moment For The Past Months of 2014

I will continued my diary for the past few months of 2014 because this is the right time for me to update my blog after so many things need to be done. I have no freetime since i'm focused on my master's research project. Finally, all is well! So, let me share and conclude with you some of my activities from the past few months before. 

August 2014

Life is always involved with many types of works. It keeps on going no matter how much we put our life on it.
The person who manage to handle those things can congratulate herself of being a determine person
On 5th August 2014, was the birthday of this kinda girl. She do this, did that, done everything by her ownself. She believe that seeking a help for the others sometimes cannot solve every problem. Cool, calm and focus! Don't care of what other people says. Life is a must to enjoy.


Yayy! It's my birthday..

Happy birthday to me..happy birthday to me
Happy birthday happy birthday

Im still a kid! *just imagine*
BUT!! Guess whattt???
I've got my own car! My own personal car on my birthday.. :D 
It's already stated on my roadtax ok...5th August 2014. Hahah~~
MyVi (lagibest) SE1.5 metallic silver
May happiness will always be mine..
Although this month is my birthday, but nothing stops me from doing my work
Testing is still on going and everything is in oder.
An then, comes the RECESS Open Day. It has been held a day at DTMI Hall, UTHM. The program is smoothly organized and done great.
Forensic Structure Failures by Prof. Steve from University of Leeds is a talk that i must attend. Although i am not in the forensic structure's path, the information that i get is mind blowing. This talk open up my mind about structure, especially on the topic of structure failure. Yah, i admit that i am not quite very good in design structure subject. HAHAA~

September 2014

Here we go again
The testing is still on and no sign to decrease..WHY???
My supervisor is keep on giving me new samples and new testings to finish and now i have 5 locations need to be done
AWESOMEEE! bluargghhh~~
Let say, if i already finished 3 locations, he will asked me to do new types of soil to be compared or find some new location that is different from the 1st testing
Find the new method
Find the new specimen
Do the different analysis
OHH! he also asked me to brief the degree's final year student about their final year project
Help them with their project
Give them title of the project
Listed out the objectives of the final year project
Give them the suitable method about the project
bla..bla..bla.... *sort of*
I did everything for the final year students
I also attended for the cent
The next preparation is for Sabah Conference (InCEIC)..so many things to be prepared
Keep on listing the stuffs
A meeting with degree’s final year student and supervisor about their final year project (PSM)
As always, every meeting will be a bit moody because some of the final year student is kinda slow to start their own progress. They need some motivations i guess!
URGGhhhhHHhh!!~ *patience*
This is it! The day to the Sabah's Conference has come..i'm off to Sabah for almost 1 week. I did fly to Sabah by Air Asia with my research group.
3 girls and a boy without our supervisor
We walked alone and be an independent student. After all, it was awesome!

October 2014

The ticket is set and the destination is on..We are going to Borneo!
I went to Sabah, Malaysia for a week. It was awesomeeee!!
Actually, this is regarding to my conference *grinnn* but, work and travel is also a nice vacation
Welcome to BORNEO!!
Sabah is such a wonderful, calm, peace and cool place with the weather is not so hot
Maybe this is because, Sabah is located near to the leg of Kinabalu Mountain. The highest mountain in Asian
Sabah also is surrounded with a lot of islands..beautiful and nice islands that you will never regret
I recommended to everyone who reach to Sabah should not missed out the beautiful islands in it..this is a MUST!
To be a presenter in International Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Conference (INCIEC2014) was kinda nervous okay
This is my first time to present and talk about my research to all the intelligent people and other researcher..this is my 1st time! 1st timeee....eyarrgghhhh!~~
You could not imagine what my hearbeat would be like -.-"
My conference was on the 1st October..but luckly i succeded to present my research..Aminnn!
It is published in Springer and you can google based on this:

SHB Mansor, AB Zainorabidin - InCIEC 2014, 2015 - Springer (for international worldwide)
S Mansor, A Zainorabidin - 2014 - eprints.uthm.edu.my (for UTHM viewer)

Ohhh! almost forgot.. i met my lecturer at that conference too. But he already transfered to another university, UiTM Shah Alam.
He is Mr. Maiziz who teached me Structural Design..very excited to meet him..can't believe it that we can meet at the same place.. He also presenting his research with his colleage
We talked a lot and plan something interesting too
Guess what???
He asked me and my group to join the adventure of exploring Sabah Borneo
So, why not. The more the merrier right! All is set
We're going to explore Sabah Borneo together after our presentation. It was very exciting and we enjoyed sooOOOooo MUCHHH!
Let the photos tell the stories.....
(will update the photos soonnnn....)
What a beautiful place...i love that place. Ok then.
Now is for the other conference that held in Bandung, Indonesia
The flight ticket is ready and luggage is set, s0ooo to the Bandung we go
It also tooks 1 week to stay in Bandung. We also went to Jakarta, Indonesia..This is a good opportunity to experience the country around the world
No matter we are in work situation. This is what we called as work and travel. It can be named as vacation too! HAHAHA.. :D
Im away from Malaysia this time.. from 18th October - 24th October
I also need to present my research in this conference, but, this time im not feeling stomache or nervous at all..only a little or just a pinch of salt..hihii XD
Im presenting in a good mood although the hall was very very big for me
At last, it was properly done and i've got a compliment form my supervisor for the presentation..Thank GOD!
My research also has been published in a book of SSEGI Proceedings
I've been all around the Bandung and Jakarta..it is a nice country and i love shopping hereee!!! Sooooo coollllll~~
Let the photos tell you the stories.....
(will update the photos soonnnn....)

This has been a wonderful, delightful and overwhelming for me to experience and get the opportunity to be part of these conferences.
Eventhough i am in new phase, i managed to try and took part with some of this event.
I can see new things and learn new things.
Although at first i'm a bit awkward but i enjoyed them all.
I just need to be brave enough to grab all the new things around me because i'm not ready to quit!!
I'm ready to face anything for the sake of my future. This is my life
Ok Ok enough with that..hahahah!
Lets go back to the normal life.. :P

November 2014

This month I needed to list out my activities, programmes and meetings which I had to involve
It was such chaos month
I've had been selected to judge and joined the GeoFest 2014 at UTHM.
I needed to judge about 11 groups of Degree's student with many kind of projects and innovations
It was really tired and exhausted to judge each and every group but I am quite impressed with their works
Some of the innovation was very interesting and it will be such a waste if we do not take serious with these kind of project
I'm happy and enjoyed judging their projects eventhough I'm quite exhausted..huhh!
Just imagined! I need to judge 11 groups of Degree of Civil Engineering student...owhh mannn!~
I didn't have enough time to rest although sometimes people sees me like relax-cool-nothing-happen-girl at all
Focusing on preparing my progress report presentation is wayyy more important!! Because I wanted to finish my research as soon as possible
The slides for my presentation is ready and I think it is superb :D *yeayyy*
Finally, I'm succeeded to present my research progress and got positive comments from my 2 panels
I am very thankful to God that I have had an opportunity to get an interview for UTHM Scholarship
The interview session was going smoothly and it was conducted by all Faculty Deans and the Head of Centre of Graduate Studies
Quite nervous during the interview session but I felt reliefed after it's over 
Meetinggggg......zZZZzzzZZzzz~ o.o"
The ICPE conference meeting is keep on going until the month of December..
I am the person who incharged for the participants and presenters in the conference
The application is keep on increasing everyday so it is my job to keep on updating the informations and bla..blaa...blaaa...*pening-pening~*
Me and my team need to organize and rearranged the form registration of ICPE conference everyday
Collected and updated the registration application of ICPE conference
Besides that, I also did some briefing for PSM student (final year students of Degree of Civil Engineering) about their final year project and testings involved
There were 8 Degree's student under my supervisor but he gave me only 3 students for me to handle
It was not easy but I tried my best. Furthermore, the students were quite independent.
I needed to list out the suitable title for their thesis, objectives, scopes and methods for them
I also had been appointed to join as a comittee member for Projek Amal Kempen Keselamatan Jalan Raya at SK Parit Raja. This happened because of my supervisor asked me to help him to handle the event

December 2014

This is the end of the 2014. For sure, so much things needed to be done on the spot
IIES Conference at UTHM..i am the presenter in the conference to share about my research on peat soil
This time i didn't feel any nervous or heartbeat like pumping out because maybe i am usee to present in the conference before. Thanks to my supervisot who asked me to present and involved in any useful and beneficial conferences
I presented it smoothly and clearly, i guess..hahah! 
Because the panels gave a good compliment to me based on my presentation.. Alhamdulillah...
So, it all wents very well
Then, a few weeks later i continued to update the ICPE 6th conference participant and organized the namelist of participants because the application is already closed and this will make me quite reliefed. No need to update anymore!!
The last meeting for ICPE conference was to discuss about the tentatives, transportation, venue and hotel to stay. Everything must be in oder
Finally, we're all satisfied with the organization and can get ready for the conference soon
Another seminar i needed to attend was a Seminar by Professor Leung from National University of Singapore (NUS) entitled “Centrifugal Pump of Soft Soil”
The seminar was quite bored but need to attend because my supervisor asked me too..
NUS is superb unniversity an a top ten university in the world ohokayyy!! 
Next, i need to get ready for another international conference. But this time, i didn't need to present my research. I am the person who charge of the event. 
A lot of things need to be done. It was kinda chaos like 3 weeks before. Everything needs to be done properly especially the application of participants. There were more than 280 people who is interested to join this conference from all over the world.
The day has come! I went to UTeM and stayed there for two nights in Hotel Seri Malaysia because of managing the ICPE Conference
The hotel was comfortable and tidy. My room was just opposite the swimming pool area but didn't have time to do splash-splash in the pool
It also provided us with free breakfast and it was awesome...i love free stuffs! Hehee..
The ICPE conference was splendid eventhough felt tired yaw!
Let the photos tell you the stories.....
(will update the photos soonnnn....)
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