22 May 2009

Flavour Of Life

Bedtime stories?? n0..no..no!! Wait until midnite n i'll tell a bedtime stories babe! uwaaaa.....
Today is juz a regular day for me. Juz like the past dayz before.
Hmm...but it is a lil bit different today. Guess wut?? hahaha.. I'm the most kind hearted gurl in the universe. This is the TRUTH!! peAcEee2~~ Cuz today i'll help everybody dat needed help.
First, i do clean my room. Huh! The dust...huhu..as thick as my dict0nary book~ Well this is wut we call a student life.. No time to think b0ut other things. Juz f0cus b0ut study Study n stUdy!! N now its time to work it out..game on. Ahakks. =D Bz cleaning my room n my stuffz suddenly i've found sumthin dat remind me for the past. Maybe i must forget it. I must try to forget about the past thingz dat is not important to me anymore.. hah!! Yup!...
F.O.R.G.E.T I.T!!!! Sumtime if we keep thinking b0ut the past it can really hurt u. So juz accept it forget it n move on. Yeahhhh2!!
Orait, next, i went to downstairs. Then, my aunt asked me to clean, moping, sweeping n tidy up everything in kitchen, living room, dinning room, garage, n even toilets. What??? So many things to do. But no problem at all. I enjoyed them.. Its my pleasure~ =] Family is my priority of cuz. Actually i like to see my home clean n tidy. N also i love decorating... Maybe sumday i can be an interior designer perhaps. But now i choose to study civil engineering cuz my father wanna see me as an excellent engineer n i love him soOoo much!!!
Ok..back to work. C.L.E.A.N>>M.O.P>>S.W.E.E.P>>W.A.S.H n bla...bla....bla........ DONE!! I'm the maid without a payment...uhuhu~~
Peace!!~ at last, i'm free...hahaha.. Its time to watch my favourite show. 'Shes Spies' on Hallmark channel. New on hallmark laa.. Sumthin wr0ng with my lil sis. She shouted at me n said "argghh!!...my nose bleeding...mummyyy~~" haa..next time do not dig up n dig up n dig up ur tuuuuuttt [censored]~ hehehe. Kidding!!! Well, maybe the changing of weather effect our antybody...As u all know, the weather for today is very hot. Feel pity.. So, i hve to help her to stop the bledding... My grandma said to let my sis laid down on sofa. Then i cleaned the blood n acted liked a doctor. Hahaha..
Today, i can be whatever i wanna be. Today i be a doctor an engineer a wheather examiner an interior designer a motivator n even a maid.. its full of fun enjoyment excitment cuz i am everything today.
Life is simple. But not everyone agree. Why?? bcuz they only think life is not easy like other people said. Juz blow away ur typical minded n facts dat's no use. Life can teach us everything. Only the brave n strong can win n succed in life. The main key is never give up. Dunt care wut people said but believe in urself. I know wut i'm doing.
I'll do wut i wanna do n all people out there juz back off!!! I had get through so many troublesome in my life n i parry everything without any single dirt. I think so... hey people!! I say wut i wanna say out loud n i dunt give a fuck of others. Next time take care of ur own body first not me. Okay?? yeah gud! orait...~
p/s: People who think dat they are better than me..hah! excuse me u r such a hypocryte. No one is better than u except god.

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