07 October 2009

Fire Burning

RENTED HOUSE ON FIRE!!!...oh no00Oooo!!... I'm juz lepaking with my lapt0p n surfing the internet, then smelling sumthin weird...Like a smoke. The 1st thought, maybe sumone put on a fire to burn sumthin or rubbish. I dun care..Emm but then, my heart doesnt feel rite. Wanna investigate where's the smell came from... N u know whaT!!! THE KITCHEN ON FIRE!!!.. CRAZZZYYY!! Sumone whO boiled water n fogot to turn off the gas. AiyoOOooo..~ What laa...

Only me n my friend during that time. We dun nOe wut to dO.. Panic! Frighten! all the way. We dun nOe wuT to do with the fire. ArggGHHhh!!....!!! Never get through this situatiOn b4. HUh... At last, i asked my neighbOur to help us. During this time the situatiOn getting more shocked n panic. All my neighbOur came to my rent hOUse to see what happen.

At last, the fire stop. Huh!! Feel released.... Thanks to my neighbOur.. I owe u.. =)

Next time, always be alert for what u have d0ne people!

p/s: Uhuk..uhUk..the smoke still here..wuaaa~..huhh!

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