02 December 2009

The mEss I Made

Hey cutie blOg...Long time nO post..haha! Juz a lil bit lazy but aLso busy lEr~ Things are juz OK. Juz fine instead of very fine [like sumOne said befOre..ngee~] ;P Actually, i'm kinda b0red now...They all gOne fOr sh0pping..n..i'm aLone at hOme. No mood to go ouT. I'm happy nOw n wiLL alwayz happy!! HAPPY EVER AFTER...hahahh. Alrite then..

I'm happy in my life that i live. Emm...but i still have sOme issues i need to sOrt out dude!!! Sumtimes i get confused n sumtimes i am reaLLy happy. Uhh! what?? I am cOnfused but aLso happy?? Sort oF~ Pick a day of the week n juZ sit dOwn n reLax n think to myseLf wUt is gOing on? wut's making me happy buT a lil bit upset as weLL? Huhh..h0w cOme dear. W0ndering, tHinking, w0ndering, n again thInk..bla..bla..bLaa...~ Ok! i gOt it!! I am nOt a bad persOn, but i juZ need tO think bOut what's not bring oUt the best side oF me.. bcoz..i can be soOooo fun n coOL! I juz neeD to shOw it mOre often :)) hehehh..peace!!!

Emm..wanna share sumthin tO u. Juz n0w i had listened a sOng that kinda sumthin2 lOrh...It makes me thinking bOut sumthin..hmm~ hmm~...Tittle is The Mess I Made by Parachute..Nice! A lil bit tOuched babes! Is it that i'm regreting f0r sumthin to let it go??? huh~ Ok2..wuTeva~~this s0ng mean's that u stiLL miss that sumOne n wish u nevA had lOst them. Here are s0me of the lyrics>>....Should of kissed u there. Should of held ur face. Should of turn arOund. Instead of run in place. Should of called u out, should of called ur name. Should of loOked again. But ohhh.....i'm starring at the mess i made...i'm starring at the mess i made..~~<<>

Hey! EverybOdy makes mess in their own life rite? Mess is messy..Messy is a mess..hahah!! The mess mesSy i made is very mess n meSsy~ Wut am i saying rite kn0w dude? Such a mess! urghh! weEeee~ ;P WeLL, sumtimes we need to be messy to pUt m0re coLOur on our own life babes.. Rite?? Absolutely!! Cuz n0body's perfect. Juz lOok into the eyez.. Eyez can see the truth. Eyez is the key to the sOuL.. Like pe0Ple said "from eyes catch the soUL" [love quote]...heheee~ Eyes is full of mystery. Only certain people knew it. But for me, i really knew it. I realize that even though there's bad things in the wOrld, there's also gud and i have nO problems most of the time finding it. I open to try new things in life n i tend t0 be a great friend and listener. No friend nO life!

People out there! Be a gud friend with ur friend if u wanna feel gud.. The mOst important is never underestimate or take f0r granted to them. TRY TO APPRECIATE UR FRIEND VERY VERY WELL!!! Cuz i really really appreciate all my friends damn much.

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