23 August 2010

It's Killing Me

This week such a buzy week..
BUSY is the best word to describe my c0ndition right n0w
I must try to manage my time wisely
I've got tw0 TESTs
Mechanics of Materials on this Tuesday
Hydraulic on this Thursday
Need to prepare s0o so0ooo weLL...
S0ooo i have to push myself t0 study both subjects of course..duhh!
To0 many bo0ks to read n d0 the revisi0ns
Tons of n0tes, calculati0ns, steps and concepts i must remember and understand babe...

N0w, my w0rld is n0t al0ne..cuz i have partner
Yeahhh!! Bo0ks are my partner n0wadays..hahahh :D

My w0rld n0w is include with boOks...
I'd read these both subjects couple days bef0re...n i keep repeating study the same subjects
*pengsann* (x.x)
Actually, i'd studied 93% i think so...hmm~
Well....well...well....>>like usual i hope f0r the best f0r these tests..Aminnn.... ^^

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