15 August 2011

#100 Facts About Me 1

1) I'm a shy person but when you g0t to know me, i am friendly ^^,
2) I eat ch0colate a lot...love it!
3) Most websites i surf are blogs.. ;)
4) I'm a fashiOn lover
5) I cant live without my HP
6) Love shopping..but i'm n0t shopahOlic
7) I like the smell of marker pen
8) I dont cry except i really really need it..
9) I entered a drama competition during highschool title Macbeth..awes0me drama..BUT actually this is m0re like the #100 embarassing m0ments in my life.. :P
10) I like to pr0mote things
11) I like to wear sh0es rather than high heels
12) T-shirt and jeans is my style..Casual is me!
13) Feel damn blur when no internet access
14) I eat McD a lot...I'm lovin it
15) I dont wear make-up...yuckks!
16) I love dance
17) Music is my favorites
18) I wanna live with high life styles.. ^^,
19) I wish i can travel around the world alone
20) I sing out loud sometimes
21) I dont like hating pe0ple unless he/she freakin drive me crazy...hmm but i think i already try to hate them but i cant...Well it is useless lah~
22) Friends makes me enjoy the exciting of life
23) Eventhough, i know there are some pe0ple dont like me, it's nevermind..cause i really enj0ying my life
24) I like weird things and stuffs
25) I can be so loud and damn quiet sometimes..
26) I dont like copy cats
27) I'm addicted with cute stuffs or things
28) I like hamsters, rabbits and cats...if only i can have puppy as a pet...heheh! *grin*
29) Kinda act crazy when listening to music
30) I forgive people easily but i will never forget what they have done to me..Every bit of it
31) People, please dont force me...i dont like it!
32) I'm dim
33) I cant stand longer in hot days
34) I love rain
35) I prefer night than day
36) It doesnt matter if i have to do everything alone :))
37) I am very patient person
38) I do not like underestimate people..cause i believe everyb0dy has their own speciality
39) I really really wanna go to Japan..Pleaseeeee take me to Japannnn!!! *excited*
40) Who i wanna meet? I wanna meet the engineer who build the Burj Khalifa
41) I cant live in messy place
42) I dont really care if i have to stay alone in creepy h0use..cause it's all up to me
43) I love to watch all Barbie's stories
44) Sometimes i can be serious and sometimes i can be too playful
45) I have more boyfriends than girlfiends
46) I prefer to make notes in my notebook using pencil than pen
47) I dont like to separate my notes by subjects...so my note book kinda messy and only me understand it...weehheee~~
48) Photography is my favorite...i own a DSLR
49) I dont like to watch stupid movie like Alien vs Predator...huh! What is the m0tif of the story???
50) Cant stand with plastic people...get it! bluargghhhh
51) I'm not skinny okay..i think i am thin but sometimes i dont give a damn!


Continue later. My brain cant think about myself anym0re.. -.-"

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