03 August 2011

Beauty: Because You're Worth It

Natural is beautiful.. But why women like to put make up on their faces? hmm...maybe it l0oks more beautiful and pe0ple love to see.
Yah. its true that make up can change the definition of natural beauty

For me, i like to see b0th. People with make up and without make up.
Natural beauty is the best but add on some make up can bring more confidence in yourself.
Some people born with natural beauty n s0me people pretty with make up..
BUT, in life c0nfidence is the best

It's d0esnt matter whether a girl with make up or with0ut cause they are what they think they are..
Actually, im kinda not agree with some pe0ple said that 'see..that girl likes to put l0ts make up on her face..too much'
Hmm..as l0ng as she happy and pe0ple didnt say that 'she's ugly!!'..hahaa..it is coOllll

So, let she build her self-c0nfidence by her own guys
If you d0nt like flawless or glittering or beauty of make up..d0nt be t0o criticism~
Make up is beautiful too
Well, like pe0ple say== the definition of beauty is subjective

Ohokayyy..pers0nally i do n0t like MAKE UP..eeuwwww~
Feel like "s0mething" on my face and i cant "open" it..hahaa!
Actually i tried it once...my friend kinda force me to do it and she did it f0r me
....but it turned disaster..YUCKKSS!!

I dont wear make-up..yuckks!
So, i prefer bare faced..bare fr0m make up..easy peasy ;)
I never use a single dirt of make up t0 go out...just l0oking bare face ^^,
I supp0rt true beautyyyyyy....

scha al-yahya

lisa surihani

selena g0mez

avril lavigne

kendall jenner & kylie jenner

tayl0r swift

Appreciate y0ur true beauty? Hmm! Always take care of y0ur skin n0 matter what..d0nt be lazy ok!
Cause s0me pe0ple kinda lazy to take care of their skin...why??
I feel aggrieved with them..The imp0rtant basic of the outside beauty is SKIN
*hmm..is it right what im saying??..ok fine..wh0 cares!..hihii*

Hey peepS! it will be easy to handle y0ur skin if y0u always take care of it
You dont have to put on make up
Easy rite! :)))

AND me! I always ch00se the best skincare pr0duct that suits me..
Dont be to0 obsess of new product
Ch0ose the right one ok babes!
AND stick with it

This entry kinda different with others bef0re
This entry c0mes with my pLedge: To always l0ve my skin To always take care of my skin and n0t torture it with make up To always be confident bare face AND To keep my skin healthy...

::Because You're Worth It::

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