30 June 2012

Internship vs Home

Almost a week i've done my internship. But i've learned so many things that i never get used to it bef0re.. Doing my intenship at consultant c0mpany gave new experience to me. I thought that to be a consultant is not easy because of you must know h0w to use vari0us kinds of software and need to master all. Truely, actually it is not so difficult. It seems too easy if you enj0y doing it. AND i do enj0yed them. For these days, i've inv0lved lots of pr0jects..
  • Water reclamati0n project (drawing at AutoCAD 2012)
  • Apartment at Scientex Skudai (design at ESTEEM 8)
  • Schematic drawing for water rec. for Peak Flow and Hydrant Flow (at AutoCAD 2012)
  • RC Drawing for foundation of 20 units of semidetaches h0uses at Simpang Renggam (AutoCAD 2012)  
  • Prepare the l0ngggggg lists of  MASMA data.
Sometimes i didn't have time to go to toilet..hihii *pee..pee* Sometimes i need to finish my work at home. Some project need to submit to b0ss on the dot as the boss said so. I didn't say that i master all the softwares and design method. Like i said bef0re, i still learn to be a better person. If i don't kn0w anything or not sure to anything, i will ask the staffs there or ask directly to my bOss. Even some of the staff quite afraid to ask or meet the boss. I admit that my boss is kinda strict person and not quite understand what his saying. Well of course every boss will have that kind of strict's attitude. But i will try to feel more comfortable with my surrounding.

Finally, i'm at h0me. Really at h0me..hahahh! Weekdays busy with internship. Finally ITS WEEKEND DAYS!!! Owhhhh..Oooo Oooo Awes0meeeeeeeee *eventhough i do bring my long list of MASMA data at h0me...bluarggghhhh*  o.O -.-" Maybe one day i will feel more appreciate the damn co0llest of weekend to workers. Right now i sitting at my comfy ro0m and peacfully updating my cool bl0g. Hahaha.. but d0n't get confuse with the icey co0Lbl0g oh0kayyyyy~ Ok then, i think i should get out of this cool bl0g and enj0y life at h0me. Home sweet h0me always!

So0ooooo niceeeeeee....
Good day allz!

Keep smiling for a perfect day
Let the smile be on y0ur face...

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