05 June 2012

Stack Of Notes

May peace be up0n you...
Hello...It is June already. Hey JUNE *lil excited* ^^, This is my 1st update on June. Very annoying cause i didnt have much time to update my blog. -.-" Actually it happened and i let it happen. I'm having difficulties in this new bl0gger style. The settings are all kinda different. I kn0w -.- that i havent been bl0gging for such a long time already. AND it suckkkssss!!!
Okay...my 3rd year as Civil Eng. student is d0ne. I guess everything went fine eventh0ugh there's slacking here and there. Hmmm...we make mistakes, we hurt people and of course we will apologize...
Basically nothing much to talk. Just want to express myself and update this long-left blog bef0re f0cus on final exams...Hahaha..hell no!!
Supposedly, i'm sitting right in my own comfy r0om now if i choose to study. But n0w...bebel0ginggggggg~~ S0metimes, life is that uncertain, things might happen out of our plan. Let it be and just enjoy. Nevermind nevermind.. That's life and life w0nt be beautiful without this small thingy.. :)
Why i must to face an examinations?
Is it very necessary?
Why most of my friend's FB status are all about studies? exams? exam spirits n others that related to final exams?
Why i'm not like them? *think think*
i'm still busy and more worried about other stuffs..why why why?
Why not take the crazy chance...why not do the crazy dance...if you loose the moment...you will be alright... so why not why not (song by Hillary Duff)

If i ruled the world there will be no examinations for student.
Because.......life is the real examination. So say no to study week!!! *if in my world laaa...*
-.-" o.O *ok berangannnn~~~*
Hmmm...for now, i have to start to really reallyyyyy enj0y my study week eventh0ugh it is fake j0y and h0lidays plan are c0ming up in my mind during study weeks..hahahh! *tid0 plan...zZzzzzZZZzz...tV plan...bla blablaaa* 

 A week study week is n0t en0ugh la man!! urgghhhh!!! Need m0re..How much m0re you want?? *talking to myself*..cause right n0w u are having your relaxing time at your lovely h0me with a treatment mask on your face...*still talking to myself* Alright! en0ugh already. Just l0ok at the time table that have been given to sh0w you..study week...exam..exam..exam....internship

click the picture if u wanna see it cleary yaw

Is it necessary f0r me to feel JOY???? Say it..say it..SAY IT RIGHT!!! say it right n0w.....
Ok ok...just calm d0wn. All in all, i would like to say that i will try not to waste my time with thingy that would affect my exam studies. A civil engineering student's life, what to do? Just follow the flow. I believe there will be lights after passing through all these hardships.
It is now or never.
Thats all about my creepy crap update t0day...hihiii. But i feel really glad and satisfy after expressing all th0se craps in my blog. May GOD ease all the difficulties throughout the fake exams and real exams...

Chilling chilling~

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